Friday, October 29, 2010

Pink Saturday - Milberger's

This Pink Saturday I am sharing photos of the lovely flowers at Milberger's Nursery!!! They are all so beautiful..I know I would never be able to keep them looking so nice once I brought them, so they all stayed there!!

We loved this little koy pond they had set up...complete with lily of my favorite!

Honestly, I am tempted to go this weekend and bring home some pretty mums. I don't know about keeping them alive. The mums CC bought me last year died right away. Anyone have any tips for me?
These hibiscus were gorgeous...but the price wasn't!!

If you enlarge this photo you will see a bee on one of the flowers.... I can't believe I got that close to a bee!! Oh, the things we do for our blog!!
These don't have pink but my grandmother had these planted along side the walk to the front door every year... I love them! I can't help it!

I forgot the name of this flower...but aren't they pretty?
More of my pretty mums!! I really like the red ones, CC likes the white and Lena likes the purple.

I could seriously stay at this place all day now that the weather is getting cooler!
I wish I could keep my plants looking this nice!!
These are sooo pretty....
And there were little birdies everywhere! And a pink little flower in the lower right hand corner!
I didn't put borders around these pictures. Fridays are super busy for me and I almost forgot to get this post up!! I can't wait to see everyone Pretty Pinks!!
Thank you Beverly for hosting this fun even each and every Saturday!! We all appreciate it!!



Pretty! I love the pink mums the best!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!


Such people flowers and all the Pinks and Oranges were striking. Happy Pink Saturday.


Mums are among my favorite flowers. I actually look forward to fall and these wonderful blooms. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Halloween!


I'm going to have to get me some of those pink mums next year!


Happy Pink Saturday, April. I'm still our visiting, too.

What a wonderful nursery. Like you, I just love visiting and seeing all of the beautiful blooms.

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