Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It's Rednesday at Sherry's wonderful blog It's A Very Cherry World!!
You should really pay her lovely blog a visit and see more fun reds!!

Today I'm sharing a garage sale find I scooped up this weekend! It was the first garage sale I stopped at and it was the first item I picked up!!

I asked Lena to help me hold this baby up..see her in the corner? This throw is huge!
I fell in love with the black and white checks....
and of course the cherries....

It did have some damaged areas....

And I started thinking...this looks like it could be a Mary Engelbreit...
And then I saw it......
well actually my daughters saw it.
They asked me "What does ME stand for?"
I couldn't believe I found a huge Mary Engelbreit throw for the unbelievable price of...
That's right...one dollar!! I couldn't believe it!
What I also couldn't believe was that no one had picked it up yet!
I got to the garage sale around 9:30 a.m.
Anyone who goes to garage sales knows that's kinda late!
The girls love it...
They take turns "claiming" it. It's been in CC's room lately.
I love the colorful fringes on the top and bottom.
I picked up another great woven throw at a different garage sale in the same neighborhood.
The dark colors just remind me so much of fall.
I want to light my fireplace and grab a cup of hot tea and just snuggle up with this throw.
I just wish the weather would cooperate!
Love the fringes too....
We found this tag on the back side.
I did a brief search on this maker and found these throws cost over $100 on their website!!!
It does have some snags on it...
Still, not too bad for a woven throw that cost all of $3.00!!!
I claimed this throw. It feels so warm and comfy.
I also bought three cute plates. Two are Spode and one is the cut glass that I love.
These two throws and those three plates set me back a whole $8.50!
Now that's some good deals!
Friday is the last day to enter my cultured pearl bracelet giveaway!
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Helzberg diamonds is offering these beautiful pink cultured pearl bracelets by Honora pearls.
You can purchase them in the stores, not sure about online but I would think so, for only $14.99!
A very generous amount goes breast cancer research!
All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on the giveaway post here.
You can enter as many times as you like.
No strings attached!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Don't forget to visit Sherry for more fun reds here!!



Wow, April you really scored at that yard sale. We go to Florida for the winter and their yard sales are really good. My husband likes to go to them too but he does inhibit me some but that's probably a good thing.

Debra Ganas

Now, you are all set for cold weather. Sounds like you got some realy good finds. I am usually back home by 9:30, so I know what you mean.
Thanks for sharing on Sue's Rednesday.



You did good on all these finds. Just the right touch of red too.


Hi April,
Great prices on two wonderful throws!! Everyone should be warm and cozy. :o)
Congratulations on your treasures.
The Tattered Tassel


I love the throw and what a steal of a deal!


As soon as I saw the cherries and the checks, I knew what it was. Good score. $1.00! Got to love garage sales. I think I will pop over again for another chance at the bracelet. I love it and will keep my fingers crossed. Thank you.

Sally Annie Magundy

Yeah! How great to find some ME, it looks charming! Enjoy!

Happy Rednesday,


I'm so jealous of your ME throw! Not only is it cherrylicious, it was only $1. WOW!
Happy REDnesday,


You hit the jackpot!


Hi April, this is my first visit to your blog and I have to admit, I'm drooling over that throw. Wow, did you score with that find!!


SCORE!! Great finds...

have a great one.


Self Sagacity

Well, I would have fallen inlove with it too! Love the designs and the red cherries.

I am a bit late on the Wednesday comment, but it was a quick week, or I am just getting old, m my days run together. Lol

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