Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chilean Mine Workers Rescue

This evening we went with Lisa to Regan to walk. CC and Lisa did their 5k. Lena and I walked 1.25 miles. I feel productive!
Is anyone else watching the mine workers from Chile get rescued? It is so emotional. I cannot imagine being 2000 feet underground for 68 days!! I think I would have had a major panic attack and died! Seriously.... I just can not imagine it!
When you watch the faces of the family members as their loved ones come up there is such a huge mix of emotions!! This last worker, Mario Sepulveda, brought out pieces of rock from the mine to the President of Chile and other top Chilean officials. He hugged the crowd and was so excited. They are wearing glasses because it is not know what the consequences will be of not seeing sunlight for 68 days.
I am so happy these families are reunited and I pray that the remaining 31 workers will reach the ground safely!


Incipient Wings

Amen! I was a hysterical mess watching it!


I have been keeping up with this story since it was first reported 2+ months ago. Thanks be to God that they are finally getting out of that mine!



God has blessed them and also gave everyone a message of hope and faith during these difficult time. I loved seeing how many of the miners went to their knees and thanked God.


I watched some of the miners being rescued last night..it IS emotional!! Brings back alot of memories from this past april when the 29 men died in the mine explosion here in WV..my home state. So unfortunate the coal mines don't have the same equipment to help ensure their safety underground as they did in Chile. Became your newest follower the other day..you visited my blog on monday (about the pumpkin festival)..appreciated your comments and hope you'll stop back by!! :-)

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