Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Weekend....(lots of pics)

This week has come and gone so quickly! Thursday we finally bought a new hot water heater...I cannot tell you how wonderful that was!
It was hard work and we were so tired from installing it ourselves..
but it was well worth it.
Friday night I took CC and her friend Miranda to see Nightmare on Grayson.
This is our yearly tradition...I've been taking CC since she was 9!!
And for some reason I can't find one picture we took! Ugh!!
But this year was the best by far...the entire first half was 3-D!!
Saturday we ran a few errands then stopped by my mom's house.
I was so tired I slept most of the visit...
I decided not to waste the day sleeping..even though I wanted to!
After another what seems to be daily trip to the mall, the girls and I went to Milberger Nursery to see their pumpkin patch.
They were closing so we only grabbed a few pictures.
We're going back Tuesday for better pictures and to spend more time there..

Everything was set up so cute and festive..
I really hated that we arrived so late!
This is on the way to the hay maze....
Inside the maze....
The hay bales were pretty high...
It was I look forward to going early Tuesday and hopefully beating the heat!
My two girls...

I shouldn't even put this picture up...
I was sooo tired, no make up, etc.
But I keep it real and this was me today...
On the way out we saw this little twisty was so cute!!!
However the price was not!!
I'm not sure what these pretty bushes are but I liked them..alot!
Lisa called and told me her neighborhood was having a Halloween party and that I should bring the girls...
Games2U was there...
With Games2U up to 54 kids can be playing at a time.
There are three large screens set up on both sides of the trailer
each playing a different game....
And inside there are even more screens...
Inside was nice and air conditioned
you can't tell, but there were lights and designs flashing all around!
Lena enjoyed playing inside the "bus"!
Another outside shot of Games2U!
After being gone pretty much the entire day I came home and made some
P.F. Changs meals for two..
Shanghai beef above and Ginger chicken below...
It was so good.
They do not come with rice but if you mix one bag of instant rice
with each meal it works out just right!
I am ready and excited to lay down and go to bed.
I know tomorrow is the start of another busy week.
but I am happy to be busy!
We are supposed to be in the 90's the early part of the week
then dropping down to a high in the lower 70's!
Now THAT I can handle!!!


Self Sagacity

The weekends always go by so quickly. I just can't imagine that Halloween is this weekend! Have a great week

Vintage Linen Treasures

Hi April!
I didn't realize we live in the same town till I saw this post! I love visiting Milberger Nursery, though I admit it's been a loooong time since we could afford to shop there.
Your pictures are so fun and the girls are so cute. They look like they're having a really good time.
Hope you have a wonderful Halloween!
Patricia :o)


I'm tired just from reading how busy you were...Your girls and you are so lovely. I enjoyed all the things you did with them but I'm glad we don't have Games2U here or my grands would be bugging me. Hope you get to Milberger Nursery in the morning then we'll have more pictures. It looks like a fun place.


Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! Loved the pics! And your dinner looked yummy too!

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