Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, Monday

I let the girls sleep in a bit this morning...after I washed dishes and got the kitchen cleaned I loaded the girls up and we took Luigi to the park.
Luigi LOVES going to the park...

We found a doggy fountain for him...
He and CC were pretty much ahead of Lena and me. I saw Luigi pulling CC to the side and then he plopped down under a tree. CC didn't hear the truck coming up behind them but Luigi did. As soon as the truck passed Luigi got up and continued walking. He just wanted to make sure he got her off the road and away from the truck!
After walking in the park we went to get new ink cartridges and stopped at the bank. Luigi loves going to the bank because they always send him a little doggie treat.
I don't think you can tell it but CC had Luigi strapped in the seat belt!! It was sooo funny!
He loves his CC!
When were finished with our day we checked the mail and I had two wonderful surprises!!!

I fell asleep on the bed around 9:45 and took a quick nap. Not good!! This means I'll have a hard time sleeping tonight! I already finished two weeks of homework for the girls and now this blog post!! I'm on a roll!!!

Right now Emil is feeding the cats dried fish and they are loving it! They keep fighting over who will sit next to him to get it!!

I can't wait to post the goodies I found this weekend at garage sales! I was so excited!! I feel like I finally scored!! I see so many bloggers showing their great deals and get so jealous. This past weekend I did fairly well myself!



Luigi and CC are so cute together. It seems like you have one busy life. Thanks for letting me come by and visit a few minutes.


very good


Now that park looks like a good place to chill out .. both for the kid-lings & the pooches. What a fun leisurely day for yo all.

Have a beautiful week ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

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