Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Fall Mantle - 2011

I have been waiting so long to put up some fall decorations through out the house. However, with temperatures staying in the upper 90's, it just doesn't feel like fall and that makes it hard to decorate.

I did however try to muster the motivation to at least touch up my fireplace and mantle. I took the coral and sea shells off and added touches of fall smells and colors.

I love pine cones and love to have them throughout my decor. I pulled a few out, but it is nothing in comparison to what I usually have out.

We picked up a few new items to add to the mantle from Michaels. This is just a work in progress...there is still sooooo much to do.

I actually won this soy candle from the Yellow Rose of Tx candle company. They smell sooooo good. Yesterday a new catalog came in the mail and I'm thinking one of their candles would make a great giveaway item!

The moss balls are new to the mantle. I like them, CC likes them but Papa Bear and Lena said they would like to play golf with them....

I wanted to try a "fallish" craft, so I bought a small glass jar, layered some coffee beans and candy corn and placed a little votive candle inside. I love the way it looks and when it burns it smells divine!!

I added some fall flowers to the floral arrangement in front of the fireplace.

There is still something missing. I can't put my finger on it. Hopefully I can find some inspiration online and in my magazines....

If you have any ideas of what's missing or what needs to be added, please, please feel free to let me know. I am in desperate need of help!!! (there are so many talented bloggers out there with great style!)

I'll be linking up to a couple of parties, hoping to find some help/inspiration!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pink Saturday - Gone With The Wind....

When I was in high school I went over to my friend Kim's house after school and found out she was a Gone With The Wind fanatic like me. She actually had the movie script book and I was sooooo jealous, you could say, "Pea green with envy."
I searched and searched and never found one. Then my sister called me one day, found it on Amazon, a few dollars and days later it was mine, all mine!

I have loved Gone With The Wind since the first time I saw it about 20 years ago. I have a few favorite lines from the movie....

Of course there is Mammy, sweet, sweet Mammy. Here she is calling Scarlett upon seeing Scarlett run off to find her dad after the Tarleton twins tell her Ashley will be marrying his cousin Melanie.

The engagement was to be announced at Twelve Oaks, Ashley's family plantation. Here she is greeting Melanie.

Scarlett sneaks down when the girls are supposed to be napping. She calls Ashley into the library. I love the neutral tones, making me feel that the setting sun is shining through the windows casting a soft, pink tint.

Scarlett confesses her love to Ashley and he tells her he is marrying his cousin because she has his blood, she understands him. Though, he says, Scarlett possesses all the passion for life that he lacks.

Her response here is my favorite... she tells him he afraid to marry her. He'd rather live with that silly little fool who can't open her mouth except to say "yes" "no" and raise a passel of mealy-mouth brats just like her....

And of course Rhett was hiding behind the couch and heard the whole thing.

Scarlett is upset Ashley is marrying Melanie so she says "yes" that she will marry Melanie's brother Charles. I just love, love, love her wedding dress. It's just perfect!! Here she is more sad about Ashley kissing her on the cheek and moving on than she is about her husband going off to the war to fight, as is Ashley.

....THE DRESS.....

So Charles dies and Scarlett HATES being in mourning. She is too young to be in mourning, wearing black. She should be at parties dancing. After all, she doesn't feel like she's in mourning. So, she convinces her mother to allow her to go to Atlanta with Melanie.
Mammy tells her she'll only get into trouble in Atlanta. (My second favorite line of the movie coming up....) Mammy tells Scarlett she knows Ashley will be coming home and Scarlett will be sitting there waiting for him " jes like a spider." (I tell this to my girls all the time!)

Here Scarlett is at the ball "for the cause" where Rhett bids on Scarlett to dance with her causing poor Aunt Pittypat to faint at the scandal of it.

And on into the movie, and another husband later, Scarlett marries Rhett and has a baby. In this photo she is upset that her waist is no longer 19 inches. I am loving those rose colored velvet curtains. This movie has always played a major influence in how I would love to make my dressing room.

And I love this scene where Scarlett takes Rhett back to Tara. She has just gotten into an argument with her sister Sue Ellen. Scarlett tells Rhett she wants him to build her a big house, one that'll make everyone "pea green with envy." And I'm loving the pink and green dress!

Smiling after a very good night with Rhett.

And here we are at my other favorite line of the movie. Scarlett and Ashley were caught hugging by India and Rhett has gotten word of it. They are to attend a party at Melanie and Ashley's house that evening and Scarlett doesn't want to go. Rhett makes her go and finds the most sexy dress for her to wear in her closet. He tells her, "Nothing modest or matronly will do..." LOVE IT!

And here is her dress, probably my favorite dress in the movie. Imagine the work that went into making these costumes!

She was just beautiful in this scene.... in my opinion, she is perfection here.

And of course I can't leave out Belle Watling, the thorn in Scarlett's side (beside Melanie). Belle was always pretty and dressed to the nines!
Gone With The Wind is my most favorite movie ever. It never gets old. I love, love, love it.

Please stop by and see more pinks at our wonderful host Beverly's blog.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soooo Thankful....

That I have a 15 year old daughter who loves to spend her time....
Buying fall decorations with me. (Even if it included a vulture!)

spending hours outside trimming the bushes and pulling the weeds and ENJOYING every minute of it!

nursing a lizard that got slammed in the backdoor back to health and giving him a comfortable home and lots of crickets.

Loves her guinea pigs and talks to then like they are little people when they start squealing when she walks in her room...

And likes to spend her evenings taking walks with her momma and little sister talking about any and everything you can imagine!

We have our moments but they are VERY, VERY few and far between.
I love her more than she will ever know!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today Was A Good Day...

Today, I don't have much to complain about.... I found out I passed my Chemistry test. When I took it last week I walked out of there 100% sure I failed. It was hard... I was so surprised when I saw my grade! Yesterday I learned I passed my Anatomy & Physiology test...super excited about that too!!
Today I woke up early, bought groceries, went to class, came home, got the girls ready and we all (including Papa Bear) went to Austin. We ate at Pho Saigon...THE BEST Pho...seriously!

Then we went to Dillards and Emil bought us lots of different K-cups for my Keurig and he picked out the cutest coffee mug for me!!! That's my Papa Bear!
Yesterday was not so good... I dropped the keys down the car seat and Emil ended up having to take the whole front seat off to get them. This put me 45 minutes late to the class for the teacher that says "there really are no excuses for not being in class."
All I need now is some cooler weather so I can start my fall decorating!! I can't wait to get it started!
So now I am going to make me a cup of Donut Shop Coffee, eat a slice of Pineapple Upside Down Cake and watch TV with my girls....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Masks, Gizzards and Storms....

Toby has been eating all of CC's lizards crickets. Every few days we are at Pet Supply Plus buying more crickets. A Halloween store opened up next door (can't remember them opening up this early before) and the girls wanted to go look around. CC is looking for some costume to dance in. Well, the found these masks and the girls couldn't pass up trying them on.

We thought it was so funny when CC noticed this. This cheerleader costume is for a "plus" size girl. However, in the lower left corner is a picture of what the costume could look like on a not plus size girl.....look at the difference in the thighs. I'm a plus size girl (not that I would ever, ever, ever in my life EVER wear an outfit like this) and I'm a bit offended!

Saturday the girls and I went with Mom to the mall and spent some time and money in Bath and Body Works. I found lots of good yummy candles I can't wait to purchase. When we came home she surprised Emil by making him fried gizzards...his FAVORITE! He loved them!!

This cooler weather and rain has really gotten me into the fall mood. I have had candles going in almost every room of the house.

I even cleaned out the fireplace and did a little redecorating on it. I am hoping to get my fall mantle up this coming weekend. I have another Anatomy quiz over the heart tomorrow and haven't had any extra time.

Today as the girls and I were driving home we found ourselves under this huge, dark cloud. The wind was whipping, rain was falling and clouds were dropping out of the sky. It was a little scary but also kind of fun.

CC took this as I was driving.

When we got home the rain really started coming down. There was tons of loud thunder and some lightning. I completely enjoyed sitting in my big comfy chair, in my pj's, studying and listening to the rain. It was bliss!!

I really should be studying right now. We were given 8.5 pages over the heart Thursday and the quiz and spelling test in tomorrow. I fell asleep for a bit while I was studying and now am wide awake. I HATE when that happens!