Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today Was A Good Day...

Today, I don't have much to complain about.... I found out I passed my Chemistry test. When I took it last week I walked out of there 100% sure I failed. It was hard... I was so surprised when I saw my grade! Yesterday I learned I passed my Anatomy & Physiology test...super excited about that too!!
Today I woke up early, bought groceries, went to class, came home, got the girls ready and we all (including Papa Bear) went to Austin. We ate at Pho Saigon...THE BEST Pho...seriously!

Then we went to Dillards and Emil bought us lots of different K-cups for my Keurig and he picked out the cutest coffee mug for me!!! That's my Papa Bear!
Yesterday was not so good... I dropped the keys down the car seat and Emil ended up having to take the whole front seat off to get them. This put me 45 minutes late to the class for the teacher that says "there really are no excuses for not being in class."
All I need now is some cooler weather so I can start my fall decorating!! I can't wait to get it started!
So now I am going to make me a cup of Donut Shop Coffee, eat a slice of Pineapple Upside Down Cake and watch TV with my girls....



Oh, my...a law student. How exciting and how proud you (and all who love you) must feel. This is quite a special thing to do for a mom with kiddos, a hubby and a home to run.
And...you have time for Donut Shop Coffee, Pineapple Cake and tv. WOW..I am impressed.:))

Thanks for coming by...if I am not already a follower, I will be in about a half second.:)
Oh, and I LOVE your header. How did you do that?
xoxo bj

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