Sunday, January 11, 2015

Closing Out 2014, Welcoming 2015

It's hard to believe it's 2015. Time seems to be flying by. I've made resolutions in the past...return voice mails, be a better friend, be more works great and well for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months, then I'm back to my old self. 
This year I'm forgoing any resolutions and will just make adjustments along the way. I need to be a better listener. I listen all the time at work and I think when I come home I kinda turn it off. I need to listen more at home than anything else. What can be more important than listening to your family, for issues big and small. 
That could be an entire post on it's own!

On Christmas Eve the girls and I went to Santa's Ranch. We had gone a few years earlier with a friend but hadn't been back, mostly due to time restrictions. We didn't think we would be getting out of the car so we wore pajamas and CC only had on fuzzy socks. Well, half way there Lena and I needed a potty break and we all wanted coffee or hot cocoa. 
So into Buc-ee's we went...pj's and all. I am so super opposed to people walking about in pajama's, and now I was among them! 
Then my eyes felt really dry and I rubbed them and Lena asked me, with a serious look on her face, "Mom, what's wrong with your eye?" I rubbed a contact out and it was folded, coming out the corner of my eye. Thankfully I found a bottle of solution and put it back in and we were on our way!

Santa's Ranch definitely expanded since we were last there. Here are a few of my favorites!
This lighted tunnel has been there since the first time we went. It's so pretty and magical to drive through. 
These photo's don't capture the whimsy and beauty of flickering lights. 
There was a new scene called "In the Beginning". 
It started with the sun, the planets, dinosaurs, Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark and so on. 
I loved Moses parting the waters of the Red Sea. 
I also loved the Ten Commandments.   
David and Goliath 
Jonah and the whale 
Another blue, twinkling light tunnel with trees on each side. 
It was so magical and pretty.
More light wrapped trees, a windmill and even a Go, Spurs, Go sign. 
On New Year's Eve we stayed in. CC worked late and it was cold. Emil and I stopped by the Russian store to pick up some bacon, drinks, cheese and wine. There is one Georgian wine I love but they were all out, as usual. It's a sweet red wine and there is nothing quite like it. 
We substituted this Armenia pomegranate wine. It was really good but really, really strong. One glass was MORE than enough for all of us!
Emil and I drove around talking about the plans and wishes we have. We made it home just in time to watch the local countdown to 2015 on TV. 
When the midnight hour strikes, they usually play oldies and do a major firework display. 
This year they played all new music and no close up of the fireworks. Lena was mad and wanted to drive around and look at fireworks. I had been up since 530 the previous morning and was in no way awake enough to take her. 
We have had some pretty cold weather lately. I've stocked up on different coffees to keep me warm. 
I even woke up to ice on my car a few times. 
Papa Bear bought me a Criminal Minds calendar. I was too excited to put it up at work. I get to look at my guys all day, then come home and watch at least two dvr'd shows in the evening. I can't get enough of Criminal Minds. Some nights I even dream of's usually me and Rossi catching someone. Once I dreamed I was at a garage sale trying to find Hotchner a heart...because he never smiles. 
And I found this cutie on Instagram. I couldn't resist it! 
Two weeks ago Papa Bear and I were going to take a day trip but had to come home so I could pick up my pain medicine. Even trips in the car, other than running errands, causes my back and neck to hurt. 
Thankfully we back because as we were leaving we noticed the back fence was broken and both dogs escaped through our neighbors back yard, who hasn't put up his back fence yet.
They must have just gotten out because they weren't far down the street, but it's a very busy street. Emil and I pulled into the middle lane because we saw Luigi walking across the two north-bound lanes and get inches....inches...from getting hit by a car. It was like everything went in slow motion.
But where was Coco? 
At the same time I white suv pulled to the side of the road to our right and a truck behind that one. The two people in the white suv jumped out and looked down in the ditch. Emil ran over to the right of the road with them while I was getting Luigi from the left. 
I saw Emil look down the ditch and then rub the top of his head. 
I was so scared to see.
Coco was hit by the white suv but the driver said she just tapped her. We wrapped her up, got her out and went straight to the Animal ER. Her breathing was labored.
She had a bruised lung and bleeding around it and she fractured her left back paw in two places.

She had to stay in the hospital until the net day in an oxygen tank.
She had to have a cast put on, take pain pills, anti-inflammatory pills and an antibiotic.
But she was alive!
And two weeks later she chewed off her cast and decided it was time to start tormenting our cats again. I said either the vet showed me another dog's x-rays or this is a bionic girl! 
Lena and I wanted a warm-me-up, so we stopped by Local Coffee one evening. I had forgotten how delicious it is. It has the charm and ambiance of a quaint, cozy coffeehouse where patrons aren't just paying customers, they're friends. 

On this evening Lena opted for a Mexican Chocolate Cappuccino.
It was delicious! 
And last night, after meeting my friend Deana for coffee and cake, I took Lena back to Local Coffee to try their Affogato. It's two shots of espresso poured over vanilla ice cream.
I never tried anything like it. 
And CC picked me up from work last week with the sweetest surprise!
A teddy bear with a note and a penguin pen. I love, love my sweet girl!