Friday, July 30, 2010

Pink Saturday - Galveston

It's time for another Pink Saturday! I have to say thank you to our wonderful host Beverly for putting this together for us each week! It's definately something to look forward to!!

Last weekend we went to Galveston. I had been there once before but I was so young I don't remember it. I've just seen pictures.
Galveston was devestated by a hurricane in 1900. As a result of the huge loss and damage sustained when the city was rebuilt it was raised by a sea wall 15 feet high. I love, love, love Galveston. It's just beautiful! At night there are live bands and people walking along the seawall. I did not see one person getting out of control! Everything was so orderly and nice...anyway..on with the post.

There were so many seashells. This astonished me because the other beaches we have been to didn't have near as many seashells as Galveston.

I got pink too... but it's not as bad as last year. I actually didn't go to work for a few days....

We stopped by this cute gift shop called Murdochs. It was so neat and had such cute fun things. I whipped out my phone and took some pictures. I knew I had to show these for PS!

I LOVED this jewelry box. Since my husband is a jeweler I was hoping he would appreciate how pretty it is and how bad I need it and get it for me....nope! It's still there...waiting to go home with someone...

We did take this pretty home and now she sits on my mantle!

My husband loves poker, so I had to take a picture of these guys... they were just too cute!

CC informed me that these pretties were actually alive before they were taken from the water to decorate our houses. I loved them but after hearing that they stayed on the shelf in Murdochs!
There were barrels and trays of pretty shells like this all over the store. And they were not expensive at all!

I wish I would have bought some. I have a fun idea to decorate a mirror with them... especially since we have no cable now! I NEED something to keep me occupied!

I LOVE starfish...
How pretty are these? Why did I pass up all these pretty things????
I guess next time I will just have to make up for it!! I LOVED this windchime. It was so pretty but just to delicate... I don't think it would have lasted more than a few weeks here!
But my most favorite pink of all is this.....
my baby's pretty pink cheeks!!!!
We had a lovely time and can't wait to go back! The beach was so clean and nice. There was no trash (we saw workers constantly picking up anything that was laying around) there was no was beautiful!!

Don't forget to stop by Beverly's wonderful blog to visit more Pink Saturday participants. You will not be disappointed! I love spending my Saturday mornings looking at everyones pink posts while drinking coffee. It's a GREAT way to start my weekend!

Last week I visited Elaine's blog. She was featuring a cute ad in a vintage 1960's LHJ magazine. She always has fun things for us! Pay her visit!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Pink Saturday....I hope to be home all weekend cooking, resting and adjusting to no cable! It should be pretty interesting... I guess if I can get through this first weekend I can do it! I expect there to be lots more blog posts coming! Ha!

Why is my TV black?

Papa Bear made a drastic decision....while I was at work. I couldn't protest. I couldn't state my case. I couldn't do anything but accept it.

He decided to stop our cable service!!!

So now my TV looks like this...

I hardly ever watch tv. Maybe once or twice a week. In a typical week we usually watch total about 5 hours! Our tv is mostly used for Wii... But still, just knowing I can't flip it on drives me crazy!!! On the upside, we're saving over $150 a month!

So I've been trying to keep myself busy...

I've read some magazines that just came in the mail...

I clipped coupons for the first time ever...

CC said, "oh my god mom...that's a lot of coupons!!"
I tried on shoes...

The girls played on the computer making pages for their website game thing...

I also washed, dried, folded AND put away a few loads of clothes, cleaned the kitchen and washed all the dishes, cleaned my bathroom counter and Papa Bears side of the bed and bought some things on eBay I'm sure I don't need. I have to stop so I can find something to do tomorrow!!

I wanted to make this...

But I had already eaten this while trying on shoes....

I don't think not having cable will look good on me!!!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Monday when I got off of work my cell phone was going crazy with messages from Mom and CC telling me that Luigi was really sick. I didn't know how really bad it was. He couldn't walk, wouldn't eat or drink and Emil said his eyes were rolling back. I was freaking out and it felt like all I was getting was red lights and slow drivers. We were able to get him in the car and off to the vet. Our regular vet was completely booked and we had to go the the referral. They diagnosed him with an ear infection and an enlarged prostate. The bill was going to be over $600!! When he jumped off the scale there he was already wagging his little tail. We took him to Sonic after the vet and got him a chicken strip sandwich and a large cup of water. He ate his sandwich so fast..we were so happy he was finally eating and drinking. That evening he was moving slowly around the house, from CC's room to the living room. And by Tuesday morning he was completely back to the old Luigi...chasing Toby, running through the house and jumping on the windows. So, we made an appointment with our regular vet for today to check him out. He's doing just fine. She said he's in excellent healthy condition. She said he might have gotten bitten by a tick and it temporarily paralyzed his back half.

He got his vaccanations and heartworm test. He's doing great! Hallelujah! We were so worried...everyone was praying for my baby!!

CC spent a couple of nights with Mom. Charlie took full advantage of it.
I called her and put her on speaker and she was fussing him to get off but he knew she wasn't here and ignored her.
We also did lots of snuggling....
Tomorrow is Friday.. and I am so happy! This has been a hard, stressful week. I will be so happy for it to finally be over!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday Evening...

We are finally home and unpacked and washing our beach towels! Thank goodness!!! In Galveston we found this pretty hotel/resort, the San Luis resort. It's facing the ocean and it's soooo pretty. It reminds me of something straight from the old Hollywood days.

It was so beautiful. I snapped these photos as we drove past, so they don't really show how beautiful it is.
There is also a hotel that's built out on a pier. It's called the Flagship Hotel. However, when Ike came in 2008 it destroyed much of the hotel and completely demolished the pavement from Seawall Blvd onto the paved pier to the hotel.

We went back to the hotel to rest and found out how really burned we were! I woke up with such a migraine and my left ear hurting from the waves hitting it I told the girls we HAVE to go find a CVS or Walgreens. Let me just say the navigator got us lost three times... We finally found it, on a not so good part of town about 30 minutes later. Had I known, there was a grocery store AND a Wal-Mart and Sonic one exit up from our hotel. Oh well, we know for next time. After two extra strength Tylenol and a cool shower we headed back to the island. We found an entire apartment complex abandoned from Ike. It was really sad. We stopped by Murdoch's gift shop to pick up some goodies. I LOVED when Papa Bear put on the captains hat...

And lens tried on this cutie...

They had tons of cute shell wind chimes but we figured it would just get destroyed here at home so we didn't buy one. BUT we did bring this pretty home...

I've already placed it on my mantle. Now I need to get some pretty coral for the other side of my mantle. After Murdoch's we went to the Rainforest Cafe River Adventure. It's a boat ride through the rainforest with animated animals and Indians. It was so fun. At the very end some glow in the dark spiders dropped down over our boat and Lena dove on the ground. It was sooo funny, poor baby. She really does have arachnophobia, God bless her! The wait for the Rainforest Cafe itself was over an hour so we ended up just going to a Bar-B Q place. It was ok...nothing spectacular. After dinner we went back to the hotel to pack. We had a great time, it just wasn't long enough. Next time we will take a few more days to relax and play there. This was literally a last minute trip.
We're home now and I am so happy! I loved the island, but there is NO place like home!
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Saturday on the Beach

This morning while everyone slept Lena and I went to the hotel lobby for coffee and breakfast. There wasn't much breakfast but the coffee was ok.

Once Papa Bear and CC woke up we headed down to the beach.

This was the first thing we saw entering the beach...

He was out cold! Ha!
The seawall decorated....

We stayed about two and a half hours.

The water was cold and very clear.

I have on shorts and a big tank top under my skirt and tee. So that IS an extra layer under there!

We liked covering our feet in sand.

Her pretty green and white polka dot toes.


YouTube Video

We used sunscreen but ended up getting burned still.

After we had enough sun we loaded up and drove around town. We saw the Trube castle but didn't go in. We were all too hot and tired! Papa Bear promised us next time we would.

We didn't get to go inside because we were all too hot and tired. Papa Bear promised us next time we would.
I will have to do a second part to this post later. I'm blogging from my phone while Papa Bear drives us home and it keeps cutting me off. I think it's too many pictures!

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