Friday, July 30, 2010

Pink Saturday - Galveston

It's time for another Pink Saturday! I have to say thank you to our wonderful host Beverly for putting this together for us each week! It's definately something to look forward to!!

Last weekend we went to Galveston. I had been there once before but I was so young I don't remember it. I've just seen pictures.
Galveston was devestated by a hurricane in 1900. As a result of the huge loss and damage sustained when the city was rebuilt it was raised by a sea wall 15 feet high. I love, love, love Galveston. It's just beautiful! At night there are live bands and people walking along the seawall. I did not see one person getting out of control! Everything was so orderly and nice...anyway..on with the post.

There were so many seashells. This astonished me because the other beaches we have been to didn't have near as many seashells as Galveston.

I got pink too... but it's not as bad as last year. I actually didn't go to work for a few days....

We stopped by this cute gift shop called Murdochs. It was so neat and had such cute fun things. I whipped out my phone and took some pictures. I knew I had to show these for PS!

I LOVED this jewelry box. Since my husband is a jeweler I was hoping he would appreciate how pretty it is and how bad I need it and get it for me....nope! It's still there...waiting to go home with someone...

We did take this pretty home and now she sits on my mantle!

My husband loves poker, so I had to take a picture of these guys... they were just too cute!

CC informed me that these pretties were actually alive before they were taken from the water to decorate our houses. I loved them but after hearing that they stayed on the shelf in Murdochs!
There were barrels and trays of pretty shells like this all over the store. And they were not expensive at all!

I wish I would have bought some. I have a fun idea to decorate a mirror with them... especially since we have no cable now! I NEED something to keep me occupied!

I LOVE starfish...
How pretty are these? Why did I pass up all these pretty things????
I guess next time I will just have to make up for it!! I LOVED this windchime. It was so pretty but just to delicate... I don't think it would have lasted more than a few weeks here!
But my most favorite pink of all is this.....
my baby's pretty pink cheeks!!!!
We had a lovely time and can't wait to go back! The beach was so clean and nice. There was no trash (we saw workers constantly picking up anything that was laying around) there was no was beautiful!!

Don't forget to stop by Beverly's wonderful blog to visit more Pink Saturday participants. You will not be disappointed! I love spending my Saturday mornings looking at everyones pink posts while drinking coffee. It's a GREAT way to start my weekend!

Last week I visited Elaine's blog. She was featuring a cute ad in a vintage 1960's LHJ magazine. She always has fun things for us! Pay her visit!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Pink Saturday....I hope to be home all weekend cooking, resting and adjusting to no cable! It should be pretty interesting... I guess if I can get through this first weekend I can do it! I expect there to be lots more blog posts coming! Ha!



April, I'm a Texan also. So, howdy!! Go for it, girl, get that lapband. I know one woman who had it, it works, & she was SO happy. Thank you for coming over for a visit with me. I hand-craft jewelry, but not the kind your husband deals with I'm sure. xx's


O my....I do love all your pink shells but my very favorite of your pinks....THOSE SWEET CHEEKS.
xo bj

The Happy Homemaker

I got sunburned, too! Love those windchimes!The sound the make is so etheral, isn't it?Glad y'all had a great trip:)

Chatty Crone

First of all, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Maybe you could let the girls do one pink highlight in their hair - that'w what I did and it kind of worked out good.

Now the pink skin - ouch! The pink shells pretty - my husband was stationed in Galveston years ago. Can't say he liked it back then. lol

Well you have a great blog here. I am now following you!


Hey neighbor! Haven't combed the beaches at Galveston in quite some time but I grew up in Houston and we went their a lot.
Pink cheeks is right!
Thanks for popping over and from one home schooler to's a fun ride. Enjoy every moment, it goes by quicker than you think.
Blessings ;-)


Looks like a great place to take a holiday! What beautiful shells! I got a real kick out of the little poker players! Too funny! And yes your daughter really does have the cutest pink cheeks! Happy Pink Saturday! Sherri : )

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade

I love all your pink shells and those pink checks are sooooo cute!!! I wanted to thank you for stopping by for a visit and for your sweet comments. Happy pink Saturday! Blessings~~~ Daphne


Hi April, thanks for your visit. I love the sea shells you posted. The poker players are too funny. Happy Pink Saturday!

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses

Hi :) Love all the shells you've shown us, and isn't the poker playing shells just too cute!!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Warmest, Brenda


How fun!! I love collecting shells. Looks like a great time. Your back looks similar to mine!! OUCH!! Take Care!!!

Le Chateau des fleurs

I LOVE pink shells! Happy Saturday!

Pam Kellogg

Hi April! You have a lovely blog! And I love the seashells. I have a nice little collection. I keep them in a vintage pink biscuit jar. Will have to post that for Pink Saturday next week! LOL!!!!



Ok, now that I went to see why you don't have cable anymore, I can get on with the PS post. Your trip sounds wonderful, what a treat and I think you should have gotten just a few of those shells, oh well. I got a sunburn today as well, what good is summer without a sunburn or two.
Thanks for stopping by My Tin Shack this morning, the flowers on the hens and chicks are really neat. I had never seen them before, so I am learning, too. I love to learn.
So, happy PS


G'eve April ~ What a lovely trip & such pretty goodies to enjoy ... but those PINK cheeks are the best of all.

Have a lovely PINK summer's eve ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon


really neat shells! and cute pink cheeks, too :)

happy pink sat.


Happy Pink Saturday! Love seeing all of the pretty shells. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you have a great weekend!



Your baby's pink cheeks are adorable I must say. But if I had to pick another favorite, I would have definitely bought one of those pink and green wind chimes. My two favorite colors.

Have a great weekend.

xo Cathy






Love the seashells collections thanks for stopping by. HPS...Nancy


Happy belated Pink Saturday!!

Jennifer Scull

your photos brought back so many wonderful memories of my own trips to Galveston. the shells are beautiful!
but the pink cheeks truly are the cutest! :)




So cool! My friend's brother just wrote a book called Galveston!

p.s. you are right, trips to wal mart are always an adventure!

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