Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday on the Beach

This morning while everyone slept Lena and I went to the hotel lobby for coffee and breakfast. There wasn't much breakfast but the coffee was ok.

Once Papa Bear and CC woke up we headed down to the beach.

This was the first thing we saw entering the beach...

He was out cold! Ha!
The seawall decorated....

We stayed about two and a half hours.

The water was cold and very clear.

I have on shorts and a big tank top under my skirt and tee. So that IS an extra layer under there!

We liked covering our feet in sand.

Her pretty green and white polka dot toes.


YouTube Video

We used sunscreen but ended up getting burned still.

After we had enough sun we loaded up and drove around town. We saw the Trube castle but didn't go in. We were all too hot and tired! Papa Bear promised us next time we would.

We didn't get to go inside because we were all too hot and tired. Papa Bear promised us next time we would.
I will have to do a second part to this post later. I'm blogging from my phone while Papa Bear drives us home and it keeps cutting me off. I think it's too many pictures!

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Sandi (Meme)

Have fun! Looks like a great family trip. Sandi

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