Monday, November 28, 2011

What a week/weekend...

Wednesday night my mother-in-law came from Dallas to visit. It was VERY much unexpected...we had planned on spending our days off in pj's watching TV, baking, studying for finals (ok, just me) and really doing nothing but catching up on some MUCH needed rest! Thursday turned out good. I started my day with Duncan Donuts coffee and my Apple-Praline bread...

It was good, good, good! Later that evening we took Karina to her friends house. They are so close and enjoy spending time together.

My mother in law, Karina, is in the middle. Lala is on the left and her mother in law is on the right. Can you believe her mother in law is almost 90 years old?

That night Lena went home with mom and the next morning Karina found Lena's guinea pig Jynx dead in his cage.

We are so, so sad. He wasn't sick. He wasn't lethargic. His food/liquid intake was normal. His out put was fine. He had energy. NOTHING seemed wrong with him at all. In fact, Thursday Lena had him out showing him to Karina and he was just normal like always. We are all so heart broken. Breaking the news to Lena was so hard. When she came home she went in her room to him, slammed her door and spent some time with him. We were all in tears. Jynx was her buddy. He would lay on her chest...chill out with her when she did her around her bed. He was her buddy. So Friday evening we dug Jynx a grave and placed him in it. We all took comfort knowing he's sleeping now. Lena bought him some roses to put on his grave. She said when God calls him and he wakes up, he will be happy to see those roses. Ugh, more tears and heavy hearts. I was so stressed that day. We had to get up so early for work, then finding Jynx... It was bad. I picked a really ugly, nasty fight with Emil. I was pushed beyond my limits and took it all out in him. I felt so bad.

Saturday after the meeting I made us a nice dinner. We all pitched in to help, trying not to think about Jynx.

It was so good. Luigi finished the leftovers this evening. When I stepped out of the kitchen he took it upon himself to knock down the container of food and finish it off. Oh he's a bad, bad boy!
Toby also put a whole new meaning on the word "Catfish"..

Later that night we all went to Starbucks to warm up with good coffee.

Yesterday karina left back to Dallas. I also had to visit Sister Lassen and snapped a pic of her while she wasn't looking.

We got a kick out of her drinking a glass of wine and studying her bible with a magnifying glass. We just love her to pieces!! On the way home we drove through Incarnate Word to look at the pretty lights...

Today it was back to school and work for all of us. I have about a week and a half of this semester left. I am really looking forward to my break.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Perfect Day...

Today was truly one of the most relaxing, fun, stress-free days I've had in a long time. Papa Bear and I woke up around 9:30, laid in bed and just talked and had a little Bubble Shooter competition on our phones.
Mom called and Emil said he would cook breakfast for her if she came. Once the girls got up we all went to Pho VN. It was sooooo good!

After our late lunch we came home, sat around the table, drank coffee and just talked some more.

After making dinner, I got in a super cleaning mode and cleaned out my junk drawer in my bathroom. It had been stressing me out for so long. It felt good to just get it over with! CC did Zumba. Then Lena and I played for a while. I talked to my mother in law on the phone and found out she's coming for a few days. It'll be nice to have her.

I lit some candles in my room, turned off the lights, laid down and just relaxed. I haven't had many of the days in such a long time, I've really appreciated today!

Now I have to make myself study for my Female Reproductive System quiz tomorrow. I'm just so burned out from this semester I can't make myself sit down and study. I only have two weeks left. I need to make them count!
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Seperation Anxiety

The girls and I got a crazy idea to walk to the Mexican restaurant down the street from our house. The weather was nice and cool and we had fun walking and talking and laughing!

We got there shortly before they closed. They gave us lots of extras. They have THE BEST tortilla soup hands down!!

We got a MONSTER order of Nacho Salad. It was so big that we ended up taking most of it home.

I remembered I don't have many pictures of my girls for the month of November, so I snapped a few pics while we were there. They are all done on my cell phone, so they appear a little grainy.

When we got home we found Luigi suffered from a little separation anxiety while we were gone.

Emil says when we girls leave he lays by the front door and whines and cries for us.


We received a Zumba Wii disk from Houseparty. It is AMAZING! I am so in love! It's probably one of the hardest games I've ever played but I love it. Everything hurts after playing it, so I know it's working!! I'm signing off now so I can do a short class....I don't have the energy to do the full class yet!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy Days

I realized I haven't posted much during the month of November. This is bad because I like to look back through my posts and see where we were or what we were doing a year or two ago. The truth is, we've just been so busy doing everyday things that I haven't had time or things to blog about. I guess the closer I get to my classes being over the busier I will get.

It was raining then I woke up this morning. I had every intention of going to school, but as I started driving I realized there was just way to much to do at home. I couldn't bear to think about eating out one more time, do I turned the car around and went home to get Lena and do some things.
(I saw these leaves as we were getting in the car and had to snap a pic. I LOVE fallen leaves.)

We bought a new skillet (super exciting) and then bought the girls some clothes. Then we went to H-E-B and literally bought a back seat full of groceries.

After unpacking, cooking twice, running more errands and a few other things, I pulled my big chair up to the computer and watched The Nutcracker that I found on a flash drive in my drawer. It was beautiful!

What else has been going on? Micah and Toby ate starting to get along better. Micah plays rough and CC usually ends up rescuing Toby. Micah has fattened up ALOT. I think he's doing well here.

He likes to hang out in the tub. Charlie and Toby kinda stick together. I found then on the bed holding paws one day. It was so cute!

And last but not least, I MAY have a crown that I keep in the car and pull out to wear when someone pulls out in front of me then drives 15 miles an hour.

I guess they think we're in a parade. I mean, why else would they go soooo slow? So I put on my crown and give them a parade wave. Ha!

Ok. That's it. This old lady is going to bed. I can't remember the last time I was in bed before midnight.
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Natural Bridge Caverns pt. 2

After I got over my initial panic I pulled my self together enough to finish the tour. The way I saw it, the only way to go was up. Up 180 feet of slippery, wet, VERY steep walk way, but it was up and that was good enough for me!

I loved the ceilings and the "ribbon" that hung from them.

Some of the "ribbon" was four to five feet long!

We went into other rooms but I honestly can't remember their names.

If you enlarge the next few photos you will see how very DEEP down we were and how very FAR up we had to climb.

I took these photos at the bottom as we started our ascent up!

I think part of me thought about how very unreal it was that I was standing at the bottom of a cave, yet I was still in one piece...for the most part at least.

The picture above shows how very steep the walk/climb up was.

FINALLY I caught up with the girls and the rest of the group at the top. This picture is taken looking down to the area I just climbed up. It was about half way to the top, maybe 90 feet below ground. Again, it was unreal.

This was called a fried egg because of the color and shape it formed.

How about some 5000 year old bat poo.... Mascara anyone?

And one more photo looking down. This one was taken when I reached the top. Yes, I was waaaayyy down there and I lugged my fat body ALL the way up here!

This room at the top was called the King's Throne because of one formation that looks like a king holding his scepter.

We climbed up another steep, wet walkway and into the outside. I have NEVER been so happy to be outside.
The tour was beautiful and I honestly would like to do it again now that I know what I'm in for. There's one tour we want to do called the Illumination tour.... I think we can do it!

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