Monday, November 28, 2011

What a week/weekend...

Wednesday night my mother-in-law came from Dallas to visit. It was VERY much unexpected...we had planned on spending our days off in pj's watching TV, baking, studying for finals (ok, just me) and really doing nothing but catching up on some MUCH needed rest! Thursday turned out good. I started my day with Duncan Donuts coffee and my Apple-Praline bread...

It was good, good, good! Later that evening we took Karina to her friends house. They are so close and enjoy spending time together.

My mother in law, Karina, is in the middle. Lala is on the left and her mother in law is on the right. Can you believe her mother in law is almost 90 years old?

That night Lena went home with mom and the next morning Karina found Lena's guinea pig Jynx dead in his cage.

We are so, so sad. He wasn't sick. He wasn't lethargic. His food/liquid intake was normal. His out put was fine. He had energy. NOTHING seemed wrong with him at all. In fact, Thursday Lena had him out showing him to Karina and he was just normal like always. We are all so heart broken. Breaking the news to Lena was so hard. When she came home she went in her room to him, slammed her door and spent some time with him. We were all in tears. Jynx was her buddy. He would lay on her chest...chill out with her when she did her around her bed. He was her buddy. So Friday evening we dug Jynx a grave and placed him in it. We all took comfort knowing he's sleeping now. Lena bought him some roses to put on his grave. She said when God calls him and he wakes up, he will be happy to see those roses. Ugh, more tears and heavy hearts. I was so stressed that day. We had to get up so early for work, then finding Jynx... It was bad. I picked a really ugly, nasty fight with Emil. I was pushed beyond my limits and took it all out in him. I felt so bad.

Saturday after the meeting I made us a nice dinner. We all pitched in to help, trying not to think about Jynx.

It was so good. Luigi finished the leftovers this evening. When I stepped out of the kitchen he took it upon himself to knock down the container of food and finish it off. Oh he's a bad, bad boy!
Toby also put a whole new meaning on the word "Catfish"..

Later that night we all went to Starbucks to warm up with good coffee.

Yesterday karina left back to Dallas. I also had to visit Sister Lassen and snapped a pic of her while she wasn't looking.

We got a kick out of her drinking a glass of wine and studying her bible with a magnifying glass. We just love her to pieces!! On the way home we drove through Incarnate Word to look at the pretty lights...

Today it was back to school and work for all of us. I have about a week and a half of this semester left. I am really looking forward to my break.

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Sounds very busy!!! Toby cracks me up! I'm glad you stopped by and left a note. I'm LOVING that I got to stop by and see you, too!!! I'm following you so I can keep up on the latest!!!

Your Bloggy Friend,
Aimee from

Cozy Home Scenes

So sorry about the loss of your daughter's guinea pig. Pets are always so loved that it's hard to lose them. I used to have hamsters when growing up and they would die without warnings or at least ones that we humans wouldn't know to look for.

I wanna be in your family to get those genes so I look that good when I'm 90. I never would have guessed and thought they were all friends around the same age until you pointed out the ages. She should sell her anti aging secrets or something! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog today, and I hope you have a wonderful afternoon.

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