Sunday, November 13, 2011

Natural Bridge Caverns pt. 2

After I got over my initial panic I pulled my self together enough to finish the tour. The way I saw it, the only way to go was up. Up 180 feet of slippery, wet, VERY steep walk way, but it was up and that was good enough for me!

I loved the ceilings and the "ribbon" that hung from them.

Some of the "ribbon" was four to five feet long!

We went into other rooms but I honestly can't remember their names.

If you enlarge the next few photos you will see how very DEEP down we were and how very FAR up we had to climb.

I took these photos at the bottom as we started our ascent up!

I think part of me thought about how very unreal it was that I was standing at the bottom of a cave, yet I was still in one piece...for the most part at least.

The picture above shows how very steep the walk/climb up was.

FINALLY I caught up with the girls and the rest of the group at the top. This picture is taken looking down to the area I just climbed up. It was about half way to the top, maybe 90 feet below ground. Again, it was unreal.

This was called a fried egg because of the color and shape it formed.

How about some 5000 year old bat poo.... Mascara anyone?

And one more photo looking down. This one was taken when I reached the top. Yes, I was waaaayyy down there and I lugged my fat body ALL the way up here!

This room at the top was called the King's Throne because of one formation that looks like a king holding his scepter.

We climbed up another steep, wet walkway and into the outside. I have NEVER been so happy to be outside.
The tour was beautiful and I honestly would like to do it again now that I know what I'm in for. There's one tour we want to do called the Illumination tour.... I think we can do it!

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so cool!
i've taken a few cave tours like that and i just love them. they are so interesting! did you know that the water that drips down is seven year old rain water??

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