Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lost & Found

Yesterday I was sooo not feeling like going to the park. It's been a really stressful few weeks and all I really wanted to do was stay home and have a pity party.
BUT CC insisted we go.
And in the back of mind I wondered...why... What is supposed to happen or WILL happen because we go. It just felt like there was a stronger reason/purpose for going. I've not listened to those strong feelings too many times and ended up seeing the lost/missed opportunities.
So after Luigi played in the dog park we decided to go for a short walk even though none of had on the proper shoes and honestly didn't really feel like walking. But we walked.
On the last stretch before heading to the car we heard a little "meow" coming from the woods.

He was so cute and sweet and loveable...and so skinny. It was going to get really cold last night and I couldn't leave him there cold and hungry in the woods. It was a bit of a struggle, he was scared, but my future veterinarian CC managed to get him in the car and we took him home.

He ate like a mad man but took to all of us and the house very quickly.

Toby isn't too sure of him. Charlie is just my old mean grouch and Luigi is weary.

But Lena and Emil are in love. CC and I just want to get him fattened up, neutered and vaccinated and try to adopt him out to a good family. But for now he's making himself at home. He's kinda chosen Lena as his "person". They snuggled all night on her bed.
CC and I have been looking on and Craigslist to see if anyone has posted a missing cat. No luck yet. I guess for now he stays. So far he doesn't seem to mind!

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That is one fortunate kitty. It is a very pretty color. I have never been a cat person. You did the right thing.

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