Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trying to add photos...

My inlaws with the girls Sierra and Lena in Dallas @ the Nutcracker 12/08

I tried to work just a bit on this last night.. I couldn't make it work. Soooo, this morning I went to the help tab to learn how to add videos. I will see if it works. If it does, they are in no particular order.. just trying to learn how to do this. I will get better at this.. I promise.

Ok.. so now the pic is on top of my posting and I can't change this.. uuugghhhh this is frustrating!! I bet I will have to enlist the help of my 13 yr old to guide me through this.

Now. I will try another and if it puts in on the top again.. ohh I will be mad!!

Now I lost the photos of the girls.. but I think I sorta have the hang of this.. I shall continue. Man this is a pain in the butt!!!

I think I need to load all photos first that I want to post..... THEN.... write whatever I want to write. Otherwise this could take hours...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm bad allready....

Ok.. I am really bad at this. (I kinda thought I would be) It has been quite a while since my last post and I had really wanted to try to update at least once a week. Nothing really excited has happened here. Work is still work and school is still school.
My good friend Richard was let go at work due to omitting information on his application..... 3 1/2 yrs ago!!!! He truly was the life of the office.. he made everyone laugh, never a dull moment and we all miss him like crazy!
Sierra has missed more school... mostly due to Ms. Amy coming to pick Lena up late. One morning she laid down with Emil and they both fell back to sleep. I was SUPER PISSED!!! I told him that he will be responsible for taking her to Saturday school because he seems to think it's ok for her to be absent. I am sooooo not ok with this. I think they absolutely need to be in school unless they are really sick or there is really bad weather. Emil and I sat down and talked and we have decided to try to homeschool here for the rest of this year. This was she won't fail. She has missed so much school, mostly due to the accident last year and now the psoriasis that I am truly afraid that even though her grades are passing she may still fail because she hasn't been there the required number of days. So we will see what happens.
I looked at model homes all day with my mom. We found one that we really like.. ok.. one we like. Our favorite, at least mine and Emils was sold last week. I was heart broken. Emil said not to worry because they can build another one and then we can pick all the upgrades and extras. I'm trying to be happy for the family moving in, but we have been looking at this house for almost a year and I had all ready picked out things I want for that house, napkins, plates, tables ... everything. But oh well.. it's ok. I will try to be happy for that family. They are moving into a beautiful, beautiful home and I am sure that they are super excited. I know I would be.
Well, my papa is coming home with shishkebobs from Pasha.. the ABSOLUTE best!!! I am so hungry.. house hunting makes you hungry.
I haven't figured out how to post pictures to this.. but I will work on that later.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My First Blog...

Ok... here goes. I have never done anything like this.. and I suppose over time this will allow me to vent many complaints, keep online journal, connect with family and friends and who knows what else. I hope that I can actually keep up with this.

So I am married to a wonderful man. We've been together for almost 14 years. We have two wonderful children (who this blog will more than likely be about). We are just now entering the teen years with our 13 year old daughter, Sierra. OH MAN!!! I didn't expect the things we are beginning to encounter... AND ... she's only been 13 for a month! I'm scared to know what the future holds in that department. So for now we are trying to instill in her good solid morals, let her know their can be very bad consequences to some of the things she may be pressured into doing and most of all to let her know that she can say "NO", she must respect herself before anyone else will respect her and me and her dad are always here for her with anything that may come up. If she is honest with us we will help her out and help her through it... if we find out she lied.. well... there's another story.

Lena, our 8 year old is really a character. She is funny, silly, strong, emotional, a clown, sweet, loving, mean, sneaky and too much more to name. She can make you feel better in an instance but also knock you down just as fast. For instance... I had recently begun going to electrolysis and needed to make another appointment. Lena was looking real close at my face and said, "Mom, does that Grace lady still work in daddy's building doing electrolysis? Because you really need to go!" NICE!!! What a way to pick me up and make me feel better! BUT... on the other hand I can always go to her for an honest opinion about what I am wearing.. she may hurt my feelings but at least she's honest.

I guess for now that is it. I need to start my cleaning. The dog decided to pee on my big chair in the living room so now not only do I get to sweep and mop, I also get to clean the chair with soapy water! WONDERFUL!!!