Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We did nothing

During the week we are often so very busy I feel like I need to schedule time to just breathe. I look forward to weekends to try and recoup from my busy week but so many times I'm running around trying to finish what I didn't get to accomplish during the week that I'm even more stressed...then I blink my eyes and I'm setting my alarm again for 4:30 Monday morning!

My Papa Bear has been so sick. He took Friday off from his stores because he had so much fever and chills he couldn't do anything. What you need to know is that Emil NEVER takes off...not through H-Pylori, a torn meniscus, Norwalk virus, the flu. Never! But he took Friday off and it's been a struggle making him rest. Finally today he's starting to feel better and last night was our first night without chills!

Friday evening and night we watched scary movies. First we watched Saw V on Showtime. Then we watched Amusement on Netflix. I found Julie and Julia on Netflix but fell asleep half way through. Saturday we planned to go visit my mom and rent more movies to watch with her. BUT on the way I noticed my temperature gauge going all the way to the "H" so I turned around and went home. It turns out I had absolutely no water in the car. Emil filled it up and we were good to go. It was scary though. So we spent the rest if the evening at home. We walked Luigi and played sone Wii.

He loves going for walks!

And taking pictures!

But when we got home he only had one thing on his mind...

And it surely wasn't playing...

Or more walking....

He was exhausted!

Sunday we tried to trim our grass in the front yard but the trimmer decided to not work so that was out of the question. However my grape vine us doing do good!

These were taken about ten days ago. You should see it now!

Sunday I mom came over. I made my Russian potatoe was it good!

And I had my most favorite snack ever (well one if them anyway)...

Raspberries with fat free coolwhip!

We also went to the pet store and CC brought this cutie home...

There was a beautiful and so very adorable English Bulldog pup there....for only $4100!! Sadly he's going to have to stay there! (that's my dream dog!)

We also found a snail which now has a home in our home. This is CC's second snail. The first one, Dazzle, grew so big and wad so spoiled. She would eat lettuce and cucumber from CC's hands. She was really cute. Bur CC started middle school and a few days (maybe more) went by that CC didn't mist her and she didn't make it. I hope CZc learned her lesson and this one won't meet the same demise!

So that was pretty much my weekend. We really did nothing.... And I like that!
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Monday, March 29, 2010

My Papa Bear is sick....

My Papa Bear had been feeling pretty bad...his throat was hurting and he had a slight fever, chills and lots of congestion. So Thursday as soon as I got home from work we went straight to the doctor. The doctor found an ear infection and allergy infection. They decided to do a quick allergy test on his forearm. He tested positive for oaks, mold, grasses, dust mites and....

Cats! Dr. Taj asked us if we had a cat and Emil told him Charlie is ten. He asked Dr. Taj what he can do and Dr. Taj told him he was going to have to learn to live with it! My poor, poor Papa Bear! He will start his allergy shots in three weeks when the vials come in.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pink Saturday - Spring Nails

I'm a bit late getting this Pink Saturday posting up. As I mentioned in my previous post, this week flew by at record speed!

Since Spring is definately in the air and since my mother is a nail tech, I have been searching around the web for some cute Spring nail art. I found some really neat ideas!

Ok, I know this one doesn't have pink in it...but isn't it cute! My CC would LOVE it!
These look simple enough...and cute!
I love these.... They look airbrushed.
The flowers are done with acryllic.
I don't know that I would ever make my nails this pointy but the design is cute!

Simple and elegant...
It's pretty but is it practical?
I like this. It's cute and doesn't look like it would interfere with house work.
These are probably one of my favorites. But as much as I work and wash dishes those rhinestones would be coming off the first day!
Nail art doesn't even have to be super detailed. Even this art would be cute on manicure...
Don't forget to stop by Beverly for more PS! I can spend HOURS looking at everyone's postings. It's my favorite part of the weekend! While you're there be sure to stop by Jennifer at WhineNRoses. She has a lovely blog and some very exciting news to share with us!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Last Week Catch-Up

Wow... I was getting ready to post my Pink Saturday post and I saw that I haven't posted since last Saturday. That's pretty sad. This last week end my girls went out of town with my Mom to Hallettsville. They were helping my Mom babysit my nieces while their mom went to the Coushatta casino. CC did NOT want to go. We ended up having to pay her to go help my mom but in the end she had a wonderful time and misses her little cousins. They were so excited about all the wildflower there and the neighbors horse that roams about freely. I found out all about their dogs and how they play. I found about the stray cat that Arianna is not very nice to. There were a couple of scary stories and I heard about all of those too.
Sooo, what did I do those four days they were gone?

Mostly hang out with Charlie and sleep, sleep, sleep.

I don't think I have ever slept that much in the past several years... Well, I guess since I've had children! Everyday when I got home from work I took a quick nap. It was soooo nice. When they got back Mom told me hasn't seen me so rested in a long time. I hadn't been rested in a long time. I was ready to check myself into Laurel Ridge just so I could get some rest! Haha! I was really at a breaking point and that little break couldn't have come at a better time.

Thursday night I met Lisa for burgers at EZ's. It was nothing compared to Nic's restaurant. Friday Papa Bear and I were planning to go on a date since the girls were gone and we decided to do it right and go to Nic's!
Now THIS is a Swiss and mushroom burger!

Papa Bear had the Managers Special....waffle fries with queso, guacamole, Philly cheese steak and jalepenos! It was superb and I want to order it next time!

After we ate I felt bad because I knew that was so very unhealthy for us. I'm trying to get us to eat better. I don't want to sat "diet" because then I will automatically fail. I think just adopting healthier eating habits will help out.... It surely can't hurt!

I also noticed that my grapevine is starting to make leaves! I'm do excited!!

Look at this little bud. This was taken last Friday. You should see it today!

I told Papa Bear I plan to make dolmas this summer with the grape leaves. But it will be a while...

Saturday my girls came home after lots if confusion. I was supposed to pick them up in Mom's car bur she took her car remote with her and I couldn't make the alarm shut off. I thought once the key was in the ignition the alarm would quit. I was wrong. The engine was locked. The alarm wouldn't stop. I wad waking up her neighbors. It was a mess! Finally my niece brought them home and the girls were so happy to be back. I missed them to. It was nice to enjoy the quiet. And be able to rest and sleep when I wanted to and to have my house stay clean.....but.... It was even better to have their laughter and hugs and stories. I don't think I can be away from them that long again. I was really missing them and getting lonely. But Emil and I did decide that we need that one on one time sometimes. I look forward to a date night with my Papa Bear!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Pink Saturday

I can't believe it's Saturday already! This week seemed to fly by.
I thought today I would show you a couple of pink things in my home.
First up is a couple of pieces of china that my mother gave me. I don't know the name of the pattern but it's really very pretty.

There are beautiful little pink roses throughout and gold around the edges.

The total set has about 100 pieces. There is a cassarole dish, tea pot, creamer, tea cups, you name it. I have most of it in the attic so it doesn't get damaged until I get a china cabinet.

These little plates are in my cabinet for now. Somehow they got seperated from the rest of the set.

There is a mark under each piece.

The next item up is a cute tea-for-one my mother gave me. I love hot tea and this is the sweetest set to make it in.

Pink and roses...

How perfect is that? I love it! And I use it often...which is the best part!!

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed it. Please stop by Beverly to see more entries. You won't be sorry you did!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just a few thoughts...

I wanted to show you what happens when you are EXHAUSTED and still try to shave....

Not fun! So now I have a finger brace on so it doesn't get snagged on anything.

Also.... Does anyone know what kind of tree this is? I love, love, love it but have NO idea what it is.

A close up of the flowers...

The trees get covered in these white flowers, then they fall and all the green leaves appear. It's so pretty when the tree us in bloom and it's pretty when it's not. And almost every tree like this grows in that shape.

Next---> I'm not going into details but Papa Bear drank a bit much at the party last weekend and I got new sheets and pillows because of it!

And my Eddie Ross pillow looks perfect on them! Lena pulled a Charlie and ran on the bed when I was fixing it so I had to get a picture.

Well this afternoon, since I am childless I met Lisa at EZ's and had a mushroom with Swiss burger and curly fries.

It was pretty good. But it was NOWHERE near Nics restaurant! After we ate we walked around the shopping area and stumbled upon the Fred Astaire dance studio and walked in to inquire about the prices.

For children it's $125 a lesson... I'm scared to ask what the cost us for adults!

Two posts in one day... I feel productive! But I'm turning in now. One more day to go then o can hopefully sleep in. What plans do you have for this weekend?

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My mom took my girls out of town to Hallettsville for a few days. I hate to say it but it has been a nice quiet break for me. Since I started homeschoolong the girls I NEVER get s moment of silence in the house. So it's been quiet and I have been catching up on some much needed napping. I've also washed clothes, keep the sink empty of dishes, watched lots of dvr'd shows and checked my blog. I NEVER have any freetime to myself, so I have really taken advantage of this!

Charlie has also taken advantage of having me all to hisself!

He loves his mama!

I didn't have my girls here on St. Patricks day. We probably wouldn't have done much anyway... I would have had to get up early anyway. But I did manage to find something green to wear!

Ever since Charlie was a kitten he loved to jump on the bed while I was fixing it and play umder the sheets. So today when he saw me fixing the bed he ran in my room, jumped on the bed and was ready to play!

I love when he gets in those moods!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do tonight. I'm not used to not fixing dinner fir everyone and fighting with them to get in bed before 11. I guess I will figure it out sooner or later!
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