Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We did nothing

During the week we are often so very busy I feel like I need to schedule time to just breathe. I look forward to weekends to try and recoup from my busy week but so many times I'm running around trying to finish what I didn't get to accomplish during the week that I'm even more stressed...then I blink my eyes and I'm setting my alarm again for 4:30 Monday morning!

My Papa Bear has been so sick. He took Friday off from his stores because he had so much fever and chills he couldn't do anything. What you need to know is that Emil NEVER takes off...not through H-Pylori, a torn meniscus, Norwalk virus, the flu. Never! But he took Friday off and it's been a struggle making him rest. Finally today he's starting to feel better and last night was our first night without chills!

Friday evening and night we watched scary movies. First we watched Saw V on Showtime. Then we watched Amusement on Netflix. I found Julie and Julia on Netflix but fell asleep half way through. Saturday we planned to go visit my mom and rent more movies to watch with her. BUT on the way I noticed my temperature gauge going all the way to the "H" so I turned around and went home. It turns out I had absolutely no water in the car. Emil filled it up and we were good to go. It was scary though. So we spent the rest if the evening at home. We walked Luigi and played sone Wii.

He loves going for walks!

And taking pictures!

But when we got home he only had one thing on his mind...

And it surely wasn't playing...

Or more walking....

He was exhausted!

Sunday we tried to trim our grass in the front yard but the trimmer decided to not work so that was out of the question. However my grape vine us doing do good!

These were taken about ten days ago. You should see it now!

Sunday I mom came over. I made my Russian potatoe was it good!

And I had my most favorite snack ever (well one if them anyway)...

Raspberries with fat free coolwhip!

We also went to the pet store and CC brought this cutie home...

There was a beautiful and so very adorable English Bulldog pup there....for only $4100!! Sadly he's going to have to stay there! (that's my dream dog!)

We also found a snail which now has a home in our home. This is CC's second snail. The first one, Dazzle, grew so big and wad so spoiled. She would eat lettuce and cucumber from CC's hands. She was really cute. Bur CC started middle school and a few days (maybe more) went by that CC didn't mist her and she didn't make it. I hope CZc learned her lesson and this one won't meet the same demise!

So that was pretty much my weekend. We really did nothing.... And I like that!
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