Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday morning...and Giveaway Update

Everyone is asleep.. the birds are chirping away and I love it. I enjoy waking up while the house is silent and just listening to the birdies. And we have alot of them. Sometimes I can identify which birds it is if I am really on the ball. I just had my first cup of coffee and have been looking over some blogs and just relaxing. It's been fun to read the "typical days" of other homeschooling moms. If you want to read mine it's here...however, almost all of the other homeschool moms stay home and I have two jobs, the bank and Papa Bears. Juggling all these hats I wear does it difficult!

Last night Lisa and Stas invited us over for shish-kebob but Papa Bear was so tired he wanted to stay home. Imagine that! Then around 10 he tells us to get ready we are going for about 30 minutes because Stas wants to come back and play poker with him in his "man cave." We go and he sits down, starts eating....and drinking Vodka! Are you kidding me? I knew 30 minutes was out the window so I got the keys, got Lena and left. Around 1:30 he comes in...pretty tipsy and tells me he needs the keys to move my car because someone wants to park in the driveway. Why? I have no idea. They CC runs to my room laughing that Arkadiy is dancing in the driveway and Stas is singing Snoop Dog. Good LORD! I close my bedroom door and go back to sleep! Then I wake up around 6 a.m. and Papa Bear is no where to be found. Not on the couch, not in either girls room. Nope... in his man cave....playing poker online. Seriously? I ask him why he has not been to sleep and he said because they guys just left and left him in the middle of a tournament. He said he didn't know how to get out of it. I told him I do.."X" out. He said he didn't know how. I offered to show him. A few minutes later he was in bed.
Sooooo.... I needed to throw out the pizza boxes from last night and vaguely remembered seeing the trash can back in the garage after I put it out last night. Yes, it was there... so was HUGE bottle of vodka AND he broke the garage door last night! Man.. does he have some explaining to do when he wakes up!

On to other things. I'm taking Mom and the girls to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D. Mom is in love, love, love with Johnny Depp. I'm also thinking about shopping around for some more fun items for my giveaway. It ends March 10th and all you have to do is leave a comment. You don't have to follow or re-post on your blog. So check back to see what items have been added!


Sandi (Meme)

Oh yeah, been there done that with the hubby! And he can't figure out why I worry! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment about my Phantom Collection. I can't get enough of it either. Have a blessed weekend, and keep that hubby in line! Sandi



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