Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday Night Dinner

Saturday after the park we went to Rita and Arkadiy's house for dinner. Arkadiy made his rice pilaf with lamb... It was delicious!

Then we had lamb shish-kebobs.

Stas was manning the grill!

The guys hung out....

While Lisa and I.....

Enjoyed our favorite Georgian (the country not the state) wine..

After dinner we had wonderful desserts.....

And Chocolate Mousse Truffle!

Everyone had a great time!
Here's a few pictures taken through out the evening....
My Lena


Lisa, me and Emil

Lena, her husband Serg, me with Yuri behind me, Papa Bear and little Serg

I like this photo of me and Papa Bear but somehow Lisa's shadow got on Emil's face.

Jenny and CC hung out in Jennys room

Me and CC

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Jenny S

YUM! I think I gained five lbs just reading and looking at the dessert pictures!! hehehe!

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