Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just a few thoughts...

I wanted to show you what happens when you are EXHAUSTED and still try to shave....

Not fun! So now I have a finger brace on so it doesn't get snagged on anything.

Also.... Does anyone know what kind of tree this is? I love, love, love it but have NO idea what it is.

A close up of the flowers...

The trees get covered in these white flowers, then they fall and all the green leaves appear. It's so pretty when the tree us in bloom and it's pretty when it's not. And almost every tree like this grows in that shape.

Next---> I'm not going into details but Papa Bear drank a bit much at the party last weekend and I got new sheets and pillows because of it!

And my Eddie Ross pillow looks perfect on them! Lena pulled a Charlie and ran on the bed when I was fixing it so I had to get a picture.

Well this afternoon, since I am childless I met Lisa at EZ's and had a mushroom with Swiss burger and curly fries.

It was pretty good. But it was NOWHERE near Nics restaurant! After we ate we walked around the shopping area and stumbled upon the Fred Astaire dance studio and walked in to inquire about the prices.

For children it's $125 a lesson... I'm scared to ask what the cost us for adults!

Two posts in one day... I feel productive! But I'm turning in now. One more day to go then o can hopefully sleep in. What plans do you have for this weekend?

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