Friday, March 12, 2010

Playing Hookie

I woke up this morning not feeling well but got dressed and drove to work anyway. I parked in the lot across the street and set my alarm for 20 minutes later since I was 30minutes early. I thought I'd feel better after a small nap. Nope. I didn't even make it ten minutes so I grabbed my cell phone and called in. Everyone was asleep so I had to tap in Lena's window to get in. CC was just getting up with Luigi and did a double take when she saw me back home. It was so sweet... She hugged and kissed me, stepped back and looked at me then hugged and kissed me again. I laid on lena's bed and watched some dvr'd shows and fell asleep. A little later Papa Bear woke up and the look on his face when he saw me home was priceless!
After a while I took Lena out and let her practice her skateboarding. Charlie wanted to go out with us...

He really wanted out ....

But we didn't let him out. He got cat-napped once before and I will NEVER let that happen again.

The weather was beautiful....sunny and a bit windy. Just enough to put in a light jacket. Weather like this makes me want to garden!
Lena us doing really well skateboarding.

I love how into it she us.

Later CC and I had to run to the mall for Papa Bear. I actually saw bluebonnets growing! I was so excited... I really wanted to snap a pic but it wad too hard. However, I did get a pic of the beautiful and fragrant mountain laurel trees beginning to blossom!

They smelled soooo good! I would love to bottle it up and wear that as my summer scent.

Papa Bear promised to make sushi with some recipes from my new sushi recipe book. My Papa Bear did not disappoint!

These are rolls with cucumber, cream cheese and avacado. The others have sashimi tuna, avacado and cream cheese. They were fabulous!

These are just a mixture of different types including one roll with crawfish. It was really really good!

After the tuna this had to be our favorite...
Caviar Boats!

We had a wonderful dinner. Lena fell asleep and didn't want to wake up. CC's back in her room and Papa Bear is in his man cave and I am watching HGTV, lounging on the couch and enjoying a little candlelight!

This has been a wonderful day to play hookie from work. I just love being home with my girls and Emil. And today really showed me how much they miss me being home too.

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