Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday at the Park

Saturday the girls and I wanted to get out and enjoy this beautiful sunny weather. Of course we first stopped at Sonic to get our happy hour drinks.
Leaving Sonic we kinda took the wrong turn and ended up passing this beautiful park. The weather was so pretty and we were hungry for sunlight so we pulled over and parked. We saw this sign ...

This should have stopped us from going in but it didn't!

Last year the girls and I were walking at Stone Oak Park and were chased by a bobcat and we haven't been back to that side if the park since! But MOUNTAIN LIONS!?!? Seriously? As soon as we got out of the car and walked down a short path we saw this pretty bridge...

CC was scared if the bridge but she was the first one in it! You could all these creaks when you walked upon it. It was so neat.

There were pretty, big trees along the sides and a dried up creekbed under us.

I loved the fallen leaves on the bridge. Of course I had to get a photo!

I really really liked all the trees. They provided nice shade fir us as we walked along.

I liked this tree... It was near the end of the bridge.

Once we were off the bridge we saw a large playground where a few parties were taking place. We stuck to the trail...

And happened upon a worn path laeding to....

The creek. We didn't chance going down. Instead we were hit and thirsty and really just wanted our Sonic drinks from the car so we turned around.
We had lots of fun and definately want to go back.

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That shabby Pink Girl

I have always been afraid of Bridges, especially if it's over water, and if it creaks~~oh! my, so I'm thinking you were brave to cross, I love your pictures tho, thanks for sharing~`
marian elizabeth

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