Monday, March 1, 2010

Relaxing weekend

I had wanted to go to Home and Garden show this weekend but it didn't happen. And that's ok. We had a slow, relaxing weekend at home and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday night I met Lisa at Marioli's for those delicious al pastor tacos and a glass of wine. We stayed til it closed and had a fabulous time.

We really enjoyed our $5 a glass wine. It was smooth and delicious... So imagine my suprise yesterday when I went to wal-mart and saw this...

That's right... We paid more per glass than the bottle even costs! Oh well.. I guess you're paying for the ambiance.

Saturday was the day I was planning to go the Home and Garden show but CC had other plans and Mom was out with her friend. It looked like my day wad going to be spent on CC's terms, which of course meant... Sonic happy hour drinks and model homing! Then grocery shopping and cooking finished off our Saturday.

Sunday my coworker Alicia had a party for her daughter Bella at Sharkeys Cuts for Kids. They are moving to North Carolina Friday. Her husband is coming home from Afghanistan and being stationed there. Lena had her party there a couple if years ago and it was fabulous!

They do the girls hair and nails and make up

She loved it!!

And they get tonplay dress up and sing karaoke on stage!

A few of our coworkers came with their daughters!

Me with Ursula

And me with Alicia.

We are taking her to Pizza Hut tomorrow for our "last lunch." I am sure going to miss her. She is such a sweet and kind girl!

When we were leaving the party lena and I noticed there was a farmers market across the parking lot so we HAD to stop by.

There was such a selection of fresh veggies and herbs and neat crafts!

They even had mychocolate mint plants for $3!!

I thought it was best to leave it there because I always end up killing them!
Walking out we saw this pink van with cupcakes painted all over it from the Saweet Cupcake Company. Lena and I both wanted the dark red velvet cupcakes but of course they were sold out! So she ended up getting the chocolate peanut butter cupcake.
We had a nice relaxing weekend not really doing much at all. I can't wait for American Idol tomorrow. I hope everyone does better this week because last week was kinda scary! Lol!
Anyway...Happy Monday everyone!
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