Monday, November 21, 2011

Seperation Anxiety

The girls and I got a crazy idea to walk to the Mexican restaurant down the street from our house. The weather was nice and cool and we had fun walking and talking and laughing!

We got there shortly before they closed. They gave us lots of extras. They have THE BEST tortilla soup hands down!!

We got a MONSTER order of Nacho Salad. It was so big that we ended up taking most of it home.

I remembered I don't have many pictures of my girls for the month of November, so I snapped a few pics while we were there. They are all done on my cell phone, so they appear a little grainy.

When we got home we found Luigi suffered from a little separation anxiety while we were gone.

Emil says when we girls leave he lays by the front door and whines and cries for us.


We received a Zumba Wii disk from Houseparty. It is AMAZING! I am so in love! It's probably one of the hardest games I've ever played but I love it. Everything hurts after playing it, so I know it's working!! I'm signing off now so I can do a short class....I don't have the energy to do the full class yet!



I was trying my best to guess where you might have gone to eat, we used to live near SA and came to the city often! It sure looked good and made me very homesick for beautiful San Antonio! Oh my, what a mess to have to clean up when you got home. We have a senior citizen cocker who sleeps the whole time we are gone... sometimes he leaves a "surprise" for me to clean up! Come visit me in Arkansas on Granny Mountain...


haha, poor dog :)


I remember this the first time around, but then I caught a glimpse of guacamole in those Mexican pictures and this post had me at 'hello' :) Thank you for linking up, babe!!

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