Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hello December!

Yesterday was one of those rare perfect days where we did absolutely nothing but relax, rest and have fun. I woke up early and while everyone was asleep I finally opened my new Southern Living Cookbook to read through it. I've had it over a month now and yesterday was honestly the first time I've had a moment to open it. I love, love, love reading my cookbooks from front to back, so I made myself some coffee and got to reading.

We also had rain yesterday off and on all day. I LOVED it! It was the perfect weather for staying inside in pj's relaxing!

I let the girls rest and play and have a day off. I did manage to clean my restroom, tub, toilet and all, and wash, fold and put away about 4 loads of clothes. For me that is relaxing. I am always so busy and hardly ever at home. So, when I get a chance to stay in and clean it is really a treat for me!
I also cooked a little lunch that turned out pretty good. I'm all about fast and easy right now. I bought 3 bags of pasta and 2 cans of chicken meat.

I made the pasta according to the package directions and then drained and added the chicken.

I topped it with some Parmesan was so good!!

Toby also took the day off....he made himself comfortable on our new throws. Mom has this exact red one and she said her Bella just took it over and claimed it. We can use our throws but if Mom tries to use her Bella attacks her. I told Mom she should have bought one for herself!

Lena found a recipe in my new cookbook for White Chocolate Cookies and Creme Fudge. I didn't plan on leaving the house because of my day prior, but she was so excited I couldn't tell her no. To my surprise it was probably the easiest dessert we have ever made and it is so darn good!!! I'll be posting the recipe later today.

My December 1st....was CRAZY!!

It started at 7 am. I was supposed to wake up at 6:30 but slept in. Micah (the new cat) had an appointment to be neutered. We were supposed to have him there between 7-10. Charlie woke me up meowing at 7, I threw on clothes, brushed teeth and hair, woke up CC and we took Micah in. I came home, ate a quick breakfast and by 10:15 was out the door on my way to school. After school (12:15) I left with Emil around 1 pm to run errands. We got home about 2:45, I took a 30 minute power nap and was back up to go pick Micah up at 4. We got home around 5 then CC and I left to Austin for some things at 6:30. We didn't get home until 11 pm. I logged on to pay Mom's Wal-Mart card and the online server was down so I had to load back up at 11:15 to drive to Wal-Mart to make the payment and avoid late charges. I swear this computer is costing me 10x what the original cost was!! We finally got home around 12:15 am, warmed up some TV dinners and went to bed. I was exhausted!!! And that is why I planned to NOT drive anywhere yesterday, I made the exception for Lena's fudge ingredients!

However, in Austin I did just make it by the skin of my teeth to the absolute best cupcake place around, Cupprimo! I seriously will drive to Austin just to get their cupcakes...they are THAT good!!

I called around 8:50 to see if they were still open and if they had any cupcakes left. She told me what they have and I told her just give me one of each, about 5 cupcakes. She said, "Well, we have a special, buy 6 get 6." I said that we fine, we could give some to Mom and her friends. The sweet, sweet owner waited for me to get there from the mall and had the cupcakes all boxed up for me!

There were two boxes total, she gave me EVERYTHING they had left!!! Oh my goodness....they are so good!! CC and I each ate one of the way home. With all my running around I did that day I didn't take time to eat beyond breakfast and I was so hungry (not that it would kill me to miss a meal or ten!)
CC ate the Pumpkin Choco-Chip. She gave me a piece of her cake, it was so delicious!

I ate the Snickerdoodle.... it's probably one of my new favorites. It's not too sweet and you really get the Snickerdoodle taste...unbelievable how good it is!

My Papa Bear is a hard core, true blue dark chocolate fan. He is always wanting a chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling. Well, they sent home a few Razzle Dazzles with me, white chocolate and raspberry. This is also one of my favorite cupcakes from Cupprimo..and it is now his favorite! I was shocked when he asked me for a Razzle Dazzle yesterday!! He choose it over the one chocolate they did send home with me!!

It's rainy today again. I am so in the mood to make some good soup. It's supposed to get really cold this coming week. Cooler weather always makes me want to make borscht. It's always one of my favorite soups to make. Nothing says "cold weather" like a big bowl of warm borscht with sour creme!!!



April you have a flair with your writings here. I have not been over for a while but truly love spending time here. Your cupcakes look so divine! Toby is snuggled all resting in bed! Cats are serious sleepers. How is precious Micah? Well I hope. Always good to see you here. Blessings Anne

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