Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Truth- A Jewelers Wife at Christmas

I just realized I have hardly posted anything this month. The truth is, we are just so, so busy. What is this time of the year like for a jewelers wife??

I woke up to my kitchen looking like this. It's for a sweet reason though. My girls decided to make Sugar Cookies from the recipe in our neighborhood newsletter...at 1:30 AM!

So my sink looked like this....

And my stove held flour dust....

I loved seeing their measuring spoons and sprinkles of dust on my counters.

They sure can make cookies, they're just not too good at cleaning up afterwards!

During this busy time for us, my bed usually always looks like this. I do, however, fix it right before we go to bed, only to mess it up again.

My dirty clothes pile looks like this....

And my clean clothes pile looks like this... not much of a distinction!

We live off fast food and coffee...

And any loose stones that I have are fair game for last minutes gifts for my husbands friends wives.

I got my new Southern Living in the mail sometime last week. Can't really tell you when, I check my mail about once a week or every ten days. Hopefully by February I'll have it read.

And this is what happens when you mix too little sleep and auto correct before coffee....

We were talking about putting bread pudding in the refrigerator!

However, not for one moment am I complaining. I am so very thankful for the work we have and that we have a reason to be tired. Too many people right now are suffering with out a job. I have been applying for jobs for a year and a half and have only been on ONE interview! So no, I am definitely NOT complaining, just a little tired! The good news is there are several Starbucks right around my home and we can always go fuel up!



April, we must be related! BUT I am now past my cooking & packaging, etc. Love that gem ... does your hubby have an online store??? Hmmmm? I usually buy myjewelry directly from my jeweler in India.

Have a beautiful Merry Christmas ~


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