Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Found!

My Chemistry final was Tuesday. I searched like crazy for my Chemistry notebook that contained all my notes and formulas from the entire semester. It was gone. Just gone. We looked everywhere. In the car, on every shelf in every room, every bookbag and back pack, in cabinets, under the beds, in the garage. It was not showing up anywhere. I filled up on coffe, parked myself at Starbucks and redid the entire semester by the study guide in one night. I knew eventually it would show up AFTER my test. I just didn't know where.
Today I found my Chemistry note book. In the bottom of a clothes basket. I have NO IDEA how it got there but that is the one place I didn't look. I mean, who would look there for a notebook?

I passed the class with a "B".

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Julie @ The Smitten Mintons

That's pretty impressive that you came out with a B despite not having your notes to study! My husband is always finding his stuff in the oddest places and has no clue how they got there!


Congrats, April! I am still looking for my check book! Ack!!

Merry Christmas

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