Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saved by the Salt...

This morning after breakfast the girls and I went to Target to get more apples and sour cream to give the apple pie another shot. It came out a success!!!

I think the topping was supposed to be more crumbly but this was my first time and it came out like this. It was still good though!
After I pulled the pie out I increased the oven temp to 475 so I could make Papa Bear's pizza. Lena asked me very seriously, "Mom, why is there a fire in the oven?" I told her it was no fire just smoke because some if the pie topping fell... She just kinda groaned and kept staring at the oven. So I looked down at the oven and sure enough there was the fire.... I told CC "Quick.. Go get your dad!" She said, "I can't, he's on the phone!" I said ok... I'll get some water. Lena said no...don't put water in the stove. So I remembered that putting salt on the fire puts it out.

It worked!
And the pie is delicious!!!

Tonight I'm making lasagna!! It's been a while and I sure miss it!

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