Monday, July 12, 2010

Who Do You Hate Most

Yesterday when I was driving Lena to my moms house she asked me "Mom, who do you hate the most?" I had to really, really think about it. Surely there had to be at least ONE person I disliked enough to put them in that "hate" category. But I couldn't think of one person...not a single one. Now, if you had asked me even a few years ago I could have told you exactly who...M.B. for stealing my megaphone dangle ring in third grade (man did she get prank called!) or G.A. for having everything in the world given to her, a brand new car, ginormous house, monthly shopping sprees in the thousands, and mostly because she didn't have to work, she was able to stay home with her kids and she didn't even appreciate it. She couldn't work because the kids were small yet she had two nannies because she needed her "me" time. I think she topped M.B. on that dislike list. But I don't feel that way about them anymore... I don't feel that way about anyone anymore. And I'm thankful for that. Hating someone let's them control you and they don't even know it. You allow these people to have so much power over you and it's just so not worth it. I don't know how I came here, letting that nastiness go. I don't know what softened my heart...well with G.A. I do..months and months of hard earnest prayer. And I think I am so happy where I am right now and where my family is. Sure there are things we want but there is nothing we need. We have dinner together at the table almost every night. We all tell each other we love each other many times through out the day. We enjoy being together...being a family. We are happy to just "be." So no, there is no one on my hate list...and I hope there won't ever be. I don't have that dangle ring or a big giant house but maybe those people needed those things to be happy. I don't. And THAT makes me happy!

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