Thursday, July 29, 2010


Monday when I got off of work my cell phone was going crazy with messages from Mom and CC telling me that Luigi was really sick. I didn't know how really bad it was. He couldn't walk, wouldn't eat or drink and Emil said his eyes were rolling back. I was freaking out and it felt like all I was getting was red lights and slow drivers. We were able to get him in the car and off to the vet. Our regular vet was completely booked and we had to go the the referral. They diagnosed him with an ear infection and an enlarged prostate. The bill was going to be over $600!! When he jumped off the scale there he was already wagging his little tail. We took him to Sonic after the vet and got him a chicken strip sandwich and a large cup of water. He ate his sandwich so fast..we were so happy he was finally eating and drinking. That evening he was moving slowly around the house, from CC's room to the living room. And by Tuesday morning he was completely back to the old Luigi...chasing Toby, running through the house and jumping on the windows. So, we made an appointment with our regular vet for today to check him out. He's doing just fine. She said he's in excellent healthy condition. She said he might have gotten bitten by a tick and it temporarily paralyzed his back half.

He got his vaccanations and heartworm test. He's doing great! Hallelujah! We were so worried...everyone was praying for my baby!!

CC spent a couple of nights with Mom. Charlie took full advantage of it.
I called her and put her on speaker and she was fussing him to get off but he knew she wasn't here and ignored her.
We also did lots of snuggling....
Tomorrow is Friday.. and I am so happy! This has been a hard, stressful week. I will be so happy for it to finally be over!


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