Sunday, September 18, 2011

Masks, Gizzards and Storms....

Toby has been eating all of CC's lizards crickets. Every few days we are at Pet Supply Plus buying more crickets. A Halloween store opened up next door (can't remember them opening up this early before) and the girls wanted to go look around. CC is looking for some costume to dance in. Well, the found these masks and the girls couldn't pass up trying them on.

We thought it was so funny when CC noticed this. This cheerleader costume is for a "plus" size girl. However, in the lower left corner is a picture of what the costume could look like on a not plus size girl.....look at the difference in the thighs. I'm a plus size girl (not that I would ever, ever, ever in my life EVER wear an outfit like this) and I'm a bit offended!

Saturday the girls and I went with Mom to the mall and spent some time and money in Bath and Body Works. I found lots of good yummy candles I can't wait to purchase. When we came home she surprised Emil by making him fried gizzards...his FAVORITE! He loved them!!

This cooler weather and rain has really gotten me into the fall mood. I have had candles going in almost every room of the house.

I even cleaned out the fireplace and did a little redecorating on it. I am hoping to get my fall mantle up this coming weekend. I have another Anatomy quiz over the heart tomorrow and haven't had any extra time.

Today as the girls and I were driving home we found ourselves under this huge, dark cloud. The wind was whipping, rain was falling and clouds were dropping out of the sky. It was a little scary but also kind of fun.

CC took this as I was driving.

When we got home the rain really started coming down. There was tons of loud thunder and some lightning. I completely enjoyed sitting in my big comfy chair, in my pj's, studying and listening to the rain. It was bliss!!

I really should be studying right now. We were given 8.5 pages over the heart Thursday and the quiz and spelling test in tomorrow. I fell asleep for a bit while I was studying and now am wide awake. I HATE when that happens!


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