Wednesday, October 13, 2010

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Today was one of my busiest so far. It started at 7:30 am and didn't finish til 9:15 p.m. And we are still recovering from working all night on Monday. We didn't actually get to sleep til about 10:30 Tuesday morning...

This morning, after a trip to the bank, I went grocery shopping..... then a trip to the mall.....

back to ANOTHER bank...
home to help Papa Bear, invoices, made a quick snack, washed about 2 loads of dishes and back to the mall....again!

Then we stopped by the Russian grocery store to pick up some goodies...

Love these candy boxes.....

And we definitely brought home some good sausages and bologna....
but no Baltika (Russian beer)...
Russian books.......

And books for children..... the lower right book (blue with snow) says "Skazki" which means "fairytale.." The dragon one says Three Fairytale ...something.. I can't read the rest! Ha!
Love the Russian wine...especially that with the red's Georgian and unbelievable delicious!
This is such a cute bottle!
And Russian greeting cards.....

Believe it or not, after the Russian store it was back to the mall...again! Then home to eat our goodies, make a few phone calls, write this post and now I plan to CRASH!!!!
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Incipient Wings

oh my gosh! i can barely stand one trip to the mall!!!! i hope you slept well, you deserved it!


Hope you rested well after your long day. I am like Incipient Wings in that I can hardly stand to go to the mall once a year!



thanks so much for visiting me for ps....been babysitting so I'm sorry I'm so late in visiting!


That is a LOT of running around. I appreciate that you squeezed in time to visit us though. I have never been in a Russian grocery store. It looks really neat. Hope you don't have too many days like that.

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