Friday, October 1, 2010

Planting My Pomegranate

Last Thursday, the first day of fall, we went to the nursery near my mothers house and bought some plants. Most of them haven't been planted yet...ok..all of them except for this one... my pomegranate tree. Well, it's Papa Bear's pomegranate tree.
I decided to put it where the yellow rose bush was before it died.
So this was the area that I took the shovel to! Lena's little pink shovel that is!
I made the hole deep enough and wide enough to fit the plant.
Set it in the hole. At first it was a bit too big, I guess I got shovel I covered up some of the hole. I accidentally dropped an acorn in there too. I told CC I hope we don't get another tree! I was only half way joking because I don't even know if that is possible!
So here it is!! Papa Bear is so happy! I can't wait to plant my crape myrtles tomorrow. Or cape turtles as CC calls them!
CC read that the pomegranates grow biggest and produce the best fruit when they are in direct sunlight. So I am expecting a huge tree with enough fruit to feed south Texas! This spot gets direct sunlight at least 6 hours or more a day! It will be interesting to see how it really does!!



Looks like a lot of work. Let us know how it grows. Also what you do with one once it bears fruit.


We love our pomegranate tree. Good luck with yours.

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