Friday, October 1, 2010

Pink Saturday - Giveaway Winner

I made it to Saturday....thank goodness! This has been a super busy week and to top it off, we are all suffering from severe allergies! I have never felt so bad!! Lena actually asked me/begged me to take her to the ER. Poor baby!
Today I am showing you one of my favorite "pinks" in my house.
Look just a little closer....
It's definitely not the Sweet-N-Low. That's Papa Bears!!
It's this cute votive candle holder my sister gave me for Christmas one year.
She knows how much I love teapots. And this one is just perfect. Since it sits near the stove it does get dirty....and only I can hand wash it. How sweet is this little rose that sits on the lid?
I love the way it looks when I have it lit inside.
This is the view at night....
I have a battery operated votive candle inside. I would never leave a candle burning. But it casts such a cozy glow....I just love it!
AND NOW.....
The winner of my giveaway is Jamie Valendy.
Jamie please send me your mailing address so I can get your package out to you!
Thank you to everyone who entered. I don't think I am going to wait until I reach my 300th post to do another giveaway. They are just so much fun I can't wait to host another one right away!
I must say "Thank you" to Beverly once again for hosting this great pinkness every Saturday for us. I know it must be lots of work and we all do appreciate it! Visit Beverly's lovely blog for more great pink posts!!


Incipient Wings

that's gorgeous! looks so pretty all lit up.
I wanted to let you know that
i have chosen you as one of the recipients of the loveliest blog awards...take a look at my blog ...for more details!
have a great night.


How fun to trick us-love the little teapot that's a candle holder-I'm glad you showed it to us lit up. Very sweet! Happy PS


Congrats to Jamie for winning your great giveaway. Love your pink votive candle and, at first, I thought why didn't I think of Sweet and Low. Thanks for visiting me too.


Happy Pink Saturday - love your pink votive candle. Thank you for visiting me.
Have a lovely day.
Blesssings, Erin

Sinderella Studio Designs

Love the teapot candle! Do you think I could grow a pomagranite tree indoors in MI????
Beautiful family - thanks for visiting me!
Happy Pink Saturday!


teapots and Sweet 'N Low - brilliant! Thanks, too, for visiting my blog.

Linda M.

Happy Pink Saturday, The rose topped tea pot is great. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you and your family are feeling better. Have a wonderful weekend.


Sorry I didn't win, but a big congratulations to Jamie for winning. Give aways are so much fun. I am doing another one myself for my one year anniversary this month. Sorry to hear about the allergies. Hitting my family as well. I know it is allergy season and it could be worse, it could be snow. Okay coming soon enough. Nice talking with you.


Hope you all feel better soon!

Congrats Jamie!

And I love th luminary!

Happy PS!

In Shoes We Trust,
Maggie Mae@
"Do these shoes match this purse?"

A Garden of Threads

Congratulations to Jamie. I do love you teapot candle holder, it looks so pretty in the dark. Happy Pink Saturday.

Maison Mutt

What a thoughtful sister you have! Hope you & your family feel better.
Licks & Wags,


Lovely pink post. That tea pot candle holder is way too cute.

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