Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Fall Pumpkins - 2010

After work today we decided to cut the girls miniature pumpkins.
Finding stencils for them was difficult. We found a silly face for Lena's....
CC's was harder...first she wanted Jack the Pumpkin King, then a cat, a panda, leaves and finally a peace sign. Papa Bear did Lena's pumpkin..I did CC's. This was the first time I EVER did a pumpkin and I was so nervous...especially after the fit CC threw!! Don't think they grow out of fits...they don't!!
We got a piece of saran wrap, covered the front of her pumpkin with the peace sign traced on it and then I punched holes with a pencil where I needed to turned out pretty good I think.
I tried to get a good glowing pumpkin photo but my camera was giving us big flashes and I have no idea why we didn't use my phone!!
We wanted to leave the pumpkins outside but seeing how our shoes disappear off the porch I didn't want their pumpkins to disappear as well...Sad to have to live that way! So we took the pumpkin party inside...
Lena put her pumpkin on a candle stand Karina gave me. I usually have a pink candle on there but took it off for Lena.

CC put her pumpkin on the mantle....

Tomorrow we are planning on doing the big pumpkin and putting in battery operated candles. We coated the pumpkins inside and out with Vaseline... but CC's started smoking with a real tea light candle in it...not a good idea. And if you look close CC's has some singe marks inside!!
For the big pumpkin I am deciding between several falling leaves...this is my favorite thing about fall...or..... a creepy old bent tree. Ohhh...maybe I should do a coffee mug with steam coming out (is that possible?)...I can't decide....any suggestions?



I love your pumpkins - what a great job you guys did! Yes, battery operated candles are the way to go in pumpkins!



It looks like you did a great job with the pumpkins. We live in a small space that I only use the battery type candles. I'm sorry you never got your sneakers back, that's a shame.

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