Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday &

This morning we were supposed to wake up early and take Luigi to walk in the park. Didn't happen. I woke up in time but it was so cold outside I was afraid we would all get sick. CC and I ran a couple of quick errands then Papa Bear and I had some VERY important things to take care of. So happy that is finished and it looks like some good news..which is always good.
Mom was here when we got home and I enjoyed chatting with her for a bit before she left. CC recorded an episode of "Extreme Home Makeover"... I never watched this before. I was literally in tears... a Tongan woman was left to care for her 8 children after her husband died from a heart attack. A flood took away the younger boys was terrible. Anyway...they paid off her mortgage, completely redid her house in and out... it was just amazing. They were such a loving family and I am so happy to see someone so deserving get a break...
I took a quick nap..not so quick, more like two hours.. I woke up..ran to the mall for Papa Bear and took the girls to Starbucks.

This particular Starbucks is in such a pretty area and we had to take pictures..

They have a little bridge and small waterfall...lots of flowers and greenery....

The girls each ordered cold drinks... I choose my favorite..Caramel Apple Spice!

When we left CC had us going down some dark road that I could hardly see down even with my brights on....Lena and I were so scared, CC was loving it!

As it gets closer to the holidays these trees will be lit up with all kinds of pretty lights....

The girls were so cold with their cold drinks.. Lena choose the Pumpkin Frapp...

Lena was trying to see if she could touch the "icicle"
CC ordered a Iced Skinny Latte... here is a picture of the three of us... kinda funky but we don't have many with all three...

So now we are home and settling down. Tomorrow will be super busy! I need to rest up but I think that late nap might keep me up for a while. We are supposed to paint Mom's living room and kitchen before Christmas when Abdelkrim comes to celebrate his 25 years of friendship with us..and his becoming a professor! I hope we can pick paint out this weekend. It will be super fun! I love picking out paint..and I love painting..but most of all I love that I will be spending time with Mom while we're doing it!!
Saturday we are supposed to go to a party for Jakob at Lazar Quest... and that's really all the plans for this weekend. What plans do you have? Any Halloween parties? I'm sure come Monday everyone will be posting their party pics....can't wait to see that!



HI April - Love the photos. I look forward to spiced coffee every fall!



That is some fancy Starbucks. You sure are busy but always smiling. Your girls are beautiful. Have a great time when you do paint your Mom' but my bathroom could use a paint job too if you still have a great day.


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You :-)



What a fun time. I don't really go to Starbucks, but do love my Gevalia coffee. Glad that you are having fun with your Mum!


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