Friday, October 1, 2010

Introducing Tiramisu

CC had been wanting another pet and she was pretty settled on fish. Then out of the blue she decided on a rat....
We bought one Friday night, named her Willow but she seemed lonely so we went the next day and bought her a cage-mate on Saturday and named her Meadow. Meadow would bully Willow and drag her around the cage and make her cry, so we knew she had to go back sadly.
Meadow was so social and friendly to us and Toby but she just didn't like Willow, or at least she was very aggressive to Willow.
We took Meadow back and got another rat Monday. She actually bit CC so on Wednesday we decided to return both rats, Willow and Meadow. I feel like I've been at Petsmart everyday this past week.
We talked and discussed what we should do next as far as a pet for her. We had the cage, bedding, water bottle...she had to get something!
Say hello to "Tiramisu" our new guinea pig!
She is just too cute. Today we started socializing with her. She loves the fresh carrots I give her every morning!! She is just too stinking cute!!
Toby wants so bad to figure out what she is!!
So now our household consists of 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 guinea pig and numerous snails. I'm scared to know what's next!



Oh how I remember those days. Tiramisu is so cute. We had Cavies when my kids were small. we were told they were long haired Guinea pigs. They were the sweetest, most gentle animals. I think you all will be a family for a long time.


Greetings: All your critters are so very lovely! I have 3 dogs and a bunny! I am visiting from Incipient Wings who passed on a blog award to you. Congratulations! Have a terrific weekend.


Very cute addition to the family. Fingers crossed Tiramisu works out well.

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