Friday, October 8, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Kitchens

Today at Kelly's Korner she is hosting Show Us Your Life - Kitchens!
Now my kitchen is NOT big nor is it fancy with all the extras, but it is where I spend ALOT of my time, especially now since I am no longer working! We are planning on doing a major kitchen remodel sometime in the beginning of next year, but for now, this is my kitchen!

Our breakfast area. The plates on the wall are Bradford Exchange Russian fairytale plates. I HATE that chandelier. It came with the house and is one of the first things I cannot wait to change!
The actual small! It's hard for more than two people to be in there. Our previous house had a kitchen the size of my living room here.'s ok. We make it work!
Russian trays on the entry to the breakfast area. They are all handpainted and almost all my Russian items were purchased on eBay.

My plates! Each one tells a different fairy tale. There are more to the collection but I have no where to put anymore so I finally stopped buying them!

The Snowmaiden, middle plate left side, is my absolute favorite!

My mother-in-law gave me these roosters. I love roosters in the kitchen.
My aprons....
Russian khokhloma apron holder.
My husband brought this huge candle home one day. It smells so good!! And it burns forever! The little bowl hold Russian candies. (In case you're wondering, my husband is Russian. But, I've had a fascination with Russia loooooong before I met him!)Russian cutting boards... I've actually had to use them a time or two!
My husbands friends wife who is also Russian was bidding on this cutting board set when I was. I won, obviously. You should have seen her face when she came over and saw it hanging on my wall!

One of my first Russian cutting board purchases!

This is my favorite cutting board set by far!!
These khokhloma trays were given to me by our friend Svetlana when she came to visit us from Russia.

She also gave me this clock.

This trio of trays hang above my pantry door.

I love, love, love my Keurig! I cannot say enough kind words about it! I LOVE it!!! My sister gave me the tealight candle teapot for Christmas one year. I love it!

It drives me nuts when the knife block isn't complete! I'm keeping it real here. This is what is on my bread box....a K-pod set of green tea, recipe box, cookbook and cookies. I bought the bread box at a garage sale for $5! I love it!!!
Since my kitchen is so small things like my blender and crockpot have to live on the cabinets. More cabinet space is something we will definitely be implementing!

The top of my refrigerator is a mess! This is one thing I have on my to-do list since I'm no longer working. I have done my closet, Lena's room AND closet and the laundry's coming along, slowly but surely!
These are my decorations above my cabinets. Mostly teapots (which I love! I'm sure it has something to do with Alice in Wonderland!) and Russian tea cozies and khokhloma items.
My Russian tea them!

These are my many cookbooks in the cabinet above my stove. It's an addiction. I can't stop buying them!!
A handwritten recipe for homemade pie crust given to me by my mother that was given to her from her father in law! It is superb! CC always asks me to make her just the crust and let her eat it!
The picture in the corner Lena drew. It's supposed to be me but it has blue eyes!
These blue figurines are called gzhel. They are also Russian and very collectible. I have only a few but you can find entire tea sets made of gzhel.

I hope you enjoyed my kitchen tour. It's not much but it's where you can find any one of us at any given time! I can't wait to stop by and visit the other kitchens! Kitchens make or break the house for me...that's why I can't wait to redo ours!!
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What a great idea - Show us your life! I love your kitchen, especially the plates,


Tamar SB

Love your kitchen - especially all those antiques and decorations - such great touches!

Thanks for visiting my blog, too!


Katie A.

What a fabulous kitchen! I have a slight addiction to cook books as well and am not sure where I am going to put them yet in my new house. If you'd be willing to share...I'd LOVE to have the pie crust recipe. The one my grandmother used calls for crisco, and they changed the formula for crisco, so now the crust just crumbles and falls apart :( I've been dying to find a new pie crust recipe!

Melissa Miller

April it all looks gorgeous! Love the colorful plates throughout the room.

Happy Fall! ~Melissa :)


I love the way your kitchen looks. You have many things that personalize it for you and means so much to you. That's wonderful and all those


April~ Your kitchen is full of so many treasures! What a joyful place to cook! Have a blessed day!


Girl, it may be small to you, but you have packed alot into that kitchen. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I say go for the white cabinets during the remodel!! Just save some wonderful pictures from different blogs and use them to convince your hubby. :)


Thanks for visiting my blog! I also can't stand an incomplete knife block.. especially when my husband puts the knives in the wrong slots!

sarah @ life {sweet} life

Your kitchen has so much beautiful & unique stuff in it - I love it! Those Russian trays and cutting boards are amazing. And I can't stand an incomplete knife block either! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comment! :)


Thank you for your nice comments on my kitchen! And are not crazy! Well....if you are, I am too! I hate to see refrigerators left open on the side! LOL! Beautiful collection of plates and Russian really personalizes your space!

Ashley McWhorter

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have some beautiful antiques in your kitchen. What a fun post!

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