Friday, October 15, 2010

Pink Saturday - Antique Mirror

It's time for another Pink Saturday with Beverly! You can always hop over to Beverly's blog to see more wonderful pinks!!
Today I am showing an antique mirror that was given to me many, many years ago when I was a little girl.
I originally did a post on this around a year ago. I thought this would be a great time to bring it out again and see if I can get some info on it.
The lady who gave this mirror to me was an old lady from our church named Minniola Adams. Everyone called her Minnie. I called her grandma. She wasn't my real grandmother but she cared for me when I was young and my mom worked.
I was sick alot when I was little and Minnie was always at the hospital with me, playing card games with me....she was wonderful! Minnie died from a blood infection many years ago and I miss her still today. She left me this mirror and I have held it so close to me.
I have questions old is it? What are it's origins? Just any history about it would be wonderful!
The metal is almost brass's a little heavy. The back of the mirror has a floral motif cross stitch or embroidery. It's covered by glass.
The details are so delicate and intricate. I don't think it was a mass produced item but I don't know.

It measures about four inches long.
If anyone has any information about it I would greatly appreciate it! I don't care what it's worth...that does not matter to me. I would just like to know how old it is.
So that's my Pink Saturday post....
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That's a gorgeous mirror and a great story to go along with it!



The mirror is lovely Alice. Wish I could tell you anything about it but don't know. I don't know which is sweeter the memories or the mirror. Happy Pink Saturday.

Brushed By An Angel

It is a beautiful mirror, April. Unfortunately, I can't help you with any information. I love the story and Miss Minnie sounds like a wonderful woman. Happy Pink Saturday.


Those are really vintage pink treasures. They definitely are something you want to keep. Enjoyed your blog.

Jil~Say It With Roses

Happy Pink Saturday, April.
What a beautiful story about your Miss Minnie. Your little mirror is a wonderful treasure, but I can't help you with any information on it. I wish I could...You might start with an auction house if you have one in your area....sometimes you will find very knowledgeable auctioneers.
xo Jil


I wish I could help you with the mirror, but I have no idea at all about it. It's beautiful and holds a lot of love in your heart from someone special. That is magical.
The husband and his company are very generous and giving to be donating that lovely piece of jewelry for your give a way...Happy Pink Saturday April, Char

Coralie Cederna Johnson

Such a pretty decorated those vintage treasures!
Happy PINK Saturday!


What a beautiful little mirror and I love the stitching on the back. The pearls are also lovely and I would love to enter the draw.
Happy pink Saturday


Hi April, thanks so much for stopping by my blog... I just love your mirror and the Miss Minnie who you called Grandma. How SWEET! The mirror is lovely too. I'm going to take a guess (without holding it in my hand and giving it a once over as I really like to do) and say it is maybe from the 30's. Maybe even earlier! Very sweet piece and even better because of your memory attached to it.

Bella Rosa Antiques


Love that hand mirror, wish I could help you out with the history, but no can do. It's beautiful to look at however! Marcia


April, I also love your little mirror. I have seen similar mirrors before. My father was an auctioneer and we grew up around estate sales and antique auctions.

I believe the mirror was one of the first craft kits to come out with a counted cross stitch pattern for you to embroidery on the fabric and install in the mirror.

I was surprise when you said it was a brass like medal. I would have thought it was a very tarnished sterling silver or a silver plated nickel. Have you tried to use a silver polish on it?

As to the age. I believe it is from sometime around the late fifties or early sixties when increased leisure time was a factor in the revival of counted cross-stitch for pleasure and crafting kits began to appear in stores for those that wanted to hand craft without all the design work involved.

thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting my lady bikers. I will see if I can get permission to share Lisa's wedding picture. I have found her on Facebook and it is posted there. Will get back to you if I do.


What a lovely mirror and even sweeter story. I hope you are able to find out more about your treasure. Happy Pink Saturday.


Hello April! Happy Pink Saturday! Love the mirror - exquisite detail -a true heirloom

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