Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rednesday - My Roses (pt.2)

Sue at It's a Very Cherry World is hosting Rednesday today! I always enjoy participating and looking at every one's fabulous reds!
I cut the back yard yesterday to prepare for the planting of my 6 crepe myrtles! I also trimmed up and cleaned around my rose bushes.
I guess the Rose Miracle-Gro has really been working! This rose was the biggest and prettiest my garden has so far produced!
And I'm sure it's been helping that now I am at home and can properly care for my roses!
Of course this baby had to come inside!
And in my vase from Lena....
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my roses as much as I do!
Stop by Sue for more great red!
Happy Rednesday!



What do you spray on your roses, if you don't mind me asking. I get spots on my leaves but yours look really healthy. I don't have much trouble with aphids. I do a mixture of baking soda, canola oil, water and a drop of Dawn dish soap. I love your roses.

It's going to be a lot of work planting the crepe myrtles. Hope you take pictures.


Oh, how beautiful. I love roses! They are such delightful treats and creative ways to save money by decorating our houses throughout!

Incipient Wings

They're beautiful!


Wow, I'm jealous! Those are beautiful.


Very spectacular ,I love your Roses !

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