Thursday, September 9, 2010

Five Question Friday

It's time again for Five Question Friday. I really enjoy participating each week and it's fun to get to know more about other bloggers!

{1.} Do you feel guilty spending money on yourself?
Now, yes. When I worked, no! Just a while ago the girls and I were talking about our spending before I quit working and our spending now. Before my check was just that, MY check. I paid my credit card bills and the rest went to things the girls and I wanted to do. In all honesty, what I brought home in two weeks my husband can make in half a day, so it's not like we relied heavily on my check. So when I worked I always bought things for myself. The girls and Emil were ALWAYS first, then I would treat myself. Now that I'm not working I am just so thankful to be home with my family I haven't really even thought about spending anything on myself. I guess I would feel guilty since I am not personally bringing home any income. And that does bother me.

{2.} How well do you know your neighbors?

My next door neighbor yes. We have a love/hate relationship. We always say if we move THEY will be the cause of it. You can read all about how he allows his dogs to poopy in my yard here AND how they didn't want to pay for trash service and would put like 12 bags of trash in front of my house! And when I complained to the HOA and trash service he had the nerve to confront me one morning and asked me if I had a problem with him putting his trash in front of my house!!! The thing that first ticked me off about them happened when we first moved in. If you have ever read my blog you know how me and my Charlie are absolutely, definitely, deeply in love. Their two little terrible boys (who would also poopy in the yard) would chase Charlie and tease him to no end. So he started hissing at them. Duh! Well, my neighbor took it upon herself to call the HOA and tell them that every time they walked past my house my cat would lift his tail and defecate at them! Really?!?!
Just last week our neighbor knocked on my door and asked if he could use my water hose. He said they are so broke he doesn't have money to buy a water hose so of course I said yes. Well, a few days ago he knocked on my door and asked me if I had a stud finder. They bought a 50 inch flat screen and he needed it to hang the TV on his wall!! He still hasn't fixed the fence that broke from the storm in June (first picture shows the fence then. Now it's completely fallen down and ivy and weeds growing over it) because he told me when he was borrowing the water hose that he didn't have the $20-$30 to buy the boards.... hmmmm.... ok. Makes total sense, right?

{3.} What age are you looking forward to being?
When I was younger I always thought being 17 was soooo cool. Then I thought man, 30 will be awesome. And it is. I am so much more settled now than I was before. I used to look back at my mom, thinking she was crazy to have me at 32. It seemed so old and I just couldn't figure out how or WHY she would want to have a baby at that age. Now, I get it! I think now, in my thirties, I am so much more able to be a mother. I feel like I have it figured out now. I know so many things now that I didn't know then. I'm glad I know it now and my children are still young enough that I can still teach them these things and guide them in the right direction. So, now in my thirties, I am looking forward to my forties. I'm not afraid and scared... I'm ready!

{4.} Do you get excited when the mail comes? Why?
When I worked, yes....because..... I would buy something almost daily on eBay. Thanks to my eBay app...haha! Now not so much anymore...except when my three favorite magazines come...
Southern Living, House Beautiful and Country Living... and now I have time to read them!!

{5.} What is your earliest childhood memory?'s pretty private so I'm not sharing that. But the next one is definitely one of my favorite and funniest!!!
My cousin (a boy) is only two months older than me and he hated Barbie dolls, which I had several of. He would spend alot of time with me and my mom. My mom had a rocking chair and her lap in that chair was reserved FOR ME!!! Well, Michael was spending the night one night and he wanted her to rocky him...and she did!!! I did. not. like. that. at. all! Sooooo, the next morning I decided to show him who was boss! We sat at the breakfast table. Mom gave us both cereal. Michael opened his mouth real wide to eat a big spoonful of cereal....instead...he got my Barbie doll head! He hated Barbies but hated their hair more. The doll hair would make him nauseous...still does today. So once I took the Barbie out of his mouth he was vomiting and gagging...and I told him.. "You shouldn't let other peoples Mom rocky you!"



Great post. I know very few neighbors in the downtown condo building, but the ones on my floor keep to themselves, which is always the hallmark of a good neighbor in my opinion. As for the US mail, I check it once a week because it is simply not worth going to the mailbox anymore than that!



Stopping by from 5QF! I have the same guilty feelings you do about buying things when I don't provide any income. Not that my previous job provided much income (like you, my husband easily makes that working a half day), but it was always good to know that I was helping. Now I remind myself that I'm helping by NOT adding to our bills by sending my daughter to day care. :)

~Erin @
TwitterID: Midnite592


Dropping by via Friday Five. Same here. Guilty feeling when I don't earn the money I spend. Even when given as a form of gifts, I get guilty. :) Have a great weekend.


Oh my goodness, those are some neighbors.

Jennifer V.

I totally agree with you about being in your 30's. I used to think that was soooo old and no way would I have kids that old. Well, now I am 32 and if we have kids, it won't be til at least 33. I am totally ok with that and feel way more prepared. I am TONS more comfortable in my own skin now and a lot more content than I was in my 20's. :)


Hello April, thank you for the visit and comment. I enjoyed reading your answers.

Your neighbour is hard work!

As to the barbie trick, I laugh.

Have a great weekend. Take care. xxx

Le Chateau des fleurs

HAHAHA Your childhood memory is so funny! My Husband took her cousin's barbie and put it in the yams at Thanksgiving diner LOL
Poor Barbies!
Neighboor...Oh makes me so mad...So Obnoxious. So sorry :(
Spending money...I don't feel bad either. First, i am not a spender, so when i do it's cool. Second. I let my husband work a lot. So i deserve it :)
Big hugs.
Hope you will have a happy week end.


Wow, and I thought my neighbors were nuts.

Love the Barbie incident!

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