Thursday, September 9, 2010

Girls Day Out with Lena

Saturday Lena and I had a small girls day out. Lisa was MOD at the Gunter. She called me and told me LaTricia was coming over and since Lena hadn't seen the hotel I should meet her over there, she would treat us to lunch. (Sorry Mom, I know I lied to you but I didn't want you to be mad I stayed so long there...I just needed that distraction after the horrible week we had!)

Since CC was with my mom, Lena and I headed over. My stomach still wasn't the best and I was afraid of eating but I grabbed my Sprite, which became my breakfast, lunch and dinner last week, and we took off. We went up to the third floor. Lisa told us to take the middle or third elevator because the first elevator is the one the security guards see a white mist coming out of at night. Yeah.... I won't be taking that one. So we went up to the third floor and waited in Lisa's office til LaTricia got there. Lisa was texting me that morning and telling me that office beside her, with the white blinds, is where ALOT of activity happens. Just that morning there was lots of banging around and noise. Lisa was the only person on the third floor...she told it to quite down and it did.
Once LaTricia came we headed down to the restaurant to have lunch. Usually there is a pasta and salad bar but on the weekend you just order from the menu. Lena had the Mediterranean salad. She loved it!
I had the tuna croissant. It was the BEST tuna I have ever had in my life!! (See my Sprite?)
Lisa had an Asian salad... it looked soooo good!!
And LaTricia had the Chicken Ceasar Salad....
LaTricia and Lisa
This is not a very good picture of me with Lena. We both look tired...we probably were but I wanted to put at least ONE picture of us on here.
LaTricia, Lisa and Lena. "The Stairs" behind them. Lena wanted to see the stairs but since it was the weekend no one was there to open it. All the meeting rooms were closed too so I promised Lena we would go back during the week so she can see that.
After a short tour (we wanted to get back to Mom and CC and I wasn't feeling to great) we grabbed desert at the hotel bakery and sat outside to eat it. The patio is just across from the Majestic Theatre. I look forward to going again when the weather gets cooler and just sitting out there and people watching!
And me... I don't know if I should have even put this on there. I look terrible!! But I'm keeping it real!! HAHA!
I had fun with Lena and I'm looking forward to spending more time with my precious little angel.
Believe me when I say she is such a fun little girl! I love her more and more each day. She has more energy that I've ever seen someone have in my life...but it makes her who she is. And I love that!!! I never got to see this side of her before when I worked so much. It's like I'm learning who she is all over again...and it is amazing!!!


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