Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Day of Fall & Weekend Catch Up (LOTS OF PICS)

This post probably consists of three or four posts in ready for a picture overload! But I'm pressed for time so everything is getting combined. At least it's in the right order, I'm pretty sure!

Wednesday CC made her delicious shrimp salad for us. I posted about it once here. It is soooo good. It's chopped shrimp, avocado, red onion, tomatoes, lemon juice and cilantro. We place it upon romaine lettuce leaves to make a wrap. It is so good and fresh! We love it!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010 - First Day of Fall

We girls planned to spend Thursday with Mom running around doing fun things. We had nothing certain on the agenda. Pretty much we just got in the car and started to drive!
The first place we went was Abuelita's Nursery. Since it was the first day of fall all their "summer" plants were 50% off!! I was super excited!!

I've been wanting a crape myrtle for quite some time...and they were on sale for $3.49!!!

When we visit the elderly Polish lady who does our bead work we pass a house that has a pomegranate tree. Emil always gets jealous, the way I used to get jealous of other people's roses, because he is Armenian and the national fruit (symbol) of Armenia is the pomegranate. At the nursery the pomegranate trees were 50% off. I was so excited to bring him one home. And he was so surprised when I showed it to him! We haven't planted it yet, so for now it sits on my kitchen table because Toby keeps trying to eat it!
I also bought a hibiscus. It was on sale for $3.49! I had one a couple of years ago but my wonderful neighbor took it upon himself to pour something in it..smelled like bleach... and it died. So this one is in my back yard. I love hibiscus!! I'm not sure what the color the bloom will be yet. It's a surprise!
And the last thing I bought was a crape myrtle! I have always wanted one but Papa Bear wouldn't let me get it...but he wasn't at the nursery with me on this baby came home with me for the grand price of....$3.99!! I don't know what color this will bloom either. Several of the containers had tags that said white but the tag for that group said pink so it's really anybody's guess. My favorite crape myrtles are the red and the white...
Look at the roots on my tree.. I really need to plant it! Mom better come over soon to show me how to do this!!
After the nursery we went to Barnes and Noble. We love the bookstore!! I especially love it around fall...the smells of the coffee..the fall books and colors...perfection!
But this time it was different... where we usually sat at a table together reading fall books, Lena was reading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid.."
CC was reading about spiders and hamsters and mice....
And I played on my phone. So sad. I knew they were growing up...I just didn't expect it to be this fast. Literally last year we did Halloween Search and Finds together and this year we did our own thing...sad, sad, sad!
I found this book there. I flipped through the's pretty cute! And it sticks to the original story...
Another shot of my Lena enjoying her book......I'm so happy she loves to read!
Fall books I WON'T be reading to my girls......
After leaving the bookstore we drove around the shopping center and found this store called Bags and Beads... or you could call this place Heaven!!
I want this purse sooooo bad. But since I'm not working I didn't get it. I don't like to ask Papa Bear for money, so until he gives me a paycheck or I find a job, this beauty will be staying there!
A wall of necklaces...they also has totes, wallets, earrings, bracelets, bedspreads and sunglasses...
Saturday I finally broke down and cut roses off my bushes and brought them inside to put in the vase Lena gave me.
I NEVER cut roses off my bush. I felt so bad. But I always wanted fresh flowers in my home and I love roses... and I hate seeing them just bloom and die on the bush. Soooo... I cut and brought them inside...
They smell soooo good. And we are all really enjoying looking at them!
Mom came over to spend the day with us yesterday. I made chicken and rice...Papa Bear's favorite!
And I love the green casserole dish Mom brought me..... love, love the color!!
CC has been wanting a new pet. We looked at fish and mice (yuck!) and hamsters and gerbils... so last night since she had been so patient and she is a bit spoiled...we went to Petsmart. She brought this home....
See it in the corner? Let me zoom in.....
It's a rat!! Yes, my daughter bought a rat! I have a rat in my house! A RAT!! The same rodent people PAY exterminators to...well...exterminate!!
Her name is Willow. They say rats are sweet, nice, smart, easily tamable... they learn tricks and their own names. They are even vaccinated before you purchase them! I was still a little nauseous on the drive home!
I've been trying to cut down on my coffee consumption. I've gotten into the habit of drinking hot tea lately...

And CC has gotten into it too. Every morning she has boxes of tea strewn about the counter.
Yesterday we also got our cable back. We all enjoyed watching TV again. Papa Bear missed his SNL and I missed my HGTV. We went with a smaller package than before. We were spending around $150 monthly on cable. I just can't justify such a waste of money. DishNet was having a great promotional package for new customers so we are now paying a bit over $30 for 120 channels. From the looks of what I saw when I went into the living room, the girls enjoyed watching it late, late into the night!
I plan to spend the rest of my day catching up on laundry, looking through my new Gooseberry Patch cookbook and resting. We have a super busy week ahead of us and I'm going to need all the rest I can get!
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Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!


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