Monday, September 13, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Carissa at lowercase letters is hosting Miscellany Monday. It's fun to link up and just let random thoughts come out and into print!

{1} I love spending time with my Mom. She is always right about so many things... I look to her for advise and help. She never lets me down. I wish I could spend much more time with her. I thought once I stopped working we would be joined at the hip....that hasn't happened yet! I want to try to make date times with her... and keep them!
{2} We made homemade pizza Thursday. It was so good. The crust is so easy to make. It only has four or five simple and soooo good! Find the recipe here.
{3} I love when this fur ball lays on my pillow and waits for me to come to bed!! Yes, he gives me allergies but I love him! And his sweet little warm body snuggled up next to me, actually ON me, feels so relaxing... even his snoring puts me to sleep!
{4} I've got some weird habits... I admit it. One thing that I HAVE to do or it drives me nuts is to make sure the knife block if complete. If there are knives missing I feel anxious...seriously! I need it to be complete. Also, when I clean, no matter how dirty another room might be, I HAVE to start with the kitchen that crazy?
{5} I love, love coffee. But I love, love, LOVE the smell of instant coffee. I don't drink instant coffee, no. But I do love the smell of it!
{6} I got my Southern Living Annual Recipes in the mail Saturday. I had completely forgot that I ordered it. I was still working when I ordered it! HA! So it was a nice surprise to have that box in the mail. There are so many good recipes!! The first thing I am going to make is Praline Apple Bread. It's easy enough and sounds sooo good. I thought I bough all the ingredients yesterday but I forgot the sour creme. Ahhhh....another trip to the grocery store!
{7} Today is exactly one month since I was fired. I am finally not waking up at 4:30 a.m. out of habit! Thank Goodness! I do get to sleep later and wake up when I want to, which is usually between 7-8, but I do stay busier than I thought I would. I had imagined mornings with my roses drinking coffee... watching I do cook, and clean, and do invoices, and wash clothes, and sweep like 1400 times a day thanks to Toby's is NON-STOP!! Sometimes I think I need to hurry and get back to work just so I can get a break... ok, I kid! But seriously.... Stay at home moms STAY BUSY!



I love your list and the picture of the cat. I run the vac daily as well as I have a German shepherd who also likes to shed!



Your right stay at home Moms stay busy!! I am going to check out your homemade pizza recipe!

Wild and Precious

yummy pizza!

and southern living cookbooks - a go to gift!

…Hopping over from Miscellany Monday -- Hope you’ll swing by!

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