Thursday, September 23, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Master Bedroom

Today is Friday...and at Kelly's Korner that means it's Show Us Your Life - Master Bedrooms.
I almost didn't participate because my bedroom is so bland. My husband likes things bare and minimal so I HAVE to live that way too. Curtains are even out of the question..well, you'll see.. I'm about to stand my ground on that one.
So on with the tour.
This is what you see when you first enter my dresser.

This is my favorite picture of my Papa Bear. We were at a wedding and he was super drunk. He didn't even remember this picture until it was email to him. I put it in black and white and enlarged it. I LOVE it! The wooden frame beside it holds books of pictures. It was given to me for Christmas last year.
Lena gave me this vase for my birthday this year. Usually I will have fresh roses from my garden in it but all this rain damaged the petals so for now it holds flowers my Lena made for me.
Mr. Toby had to sneak in while I was taking here he is. We adopted him in May. He was originally supposed to be a Mothers Day gift for my mother but we fell so in love with him we couldn't let him go. So that Mothers Day Mom got a new cell phone and we got a new cat!
This is on the right side of my dresser...a Russian porcelain doll, a picture Lena made when she attended public school (before we started homeschooling) and then a school picture of Lena and a black and white of me and CC. AND... a card from my husband. Those come few and VERY far between so I like to look at it often!

These are my Russian lacquer boxes. I tried to get a clear photo but it just wasn't happening. They are all hand painted and do in fact hold some of my earrings and rings.
As soon as you enter my bedroom to your left is my nightstand. The double monkey is from my Papa Bear. It plays "Just the Two of Us..." and the Build-A-Bear is from Mom, CC and Lena for my birthday. It smells sooo good...the rubbed vanilla on it. Of course you also see my bible and phone charger!
Look who's making another appearance! My sheets are a semi-shiny silvery grey. I have no comforter yet. I like to feel a little chill...soon I will need to pull it out. I would prefer more pillows but Papa Bear doesn't like alot of I'm stuck with one...and now a very fluffy one at that! The lavender pillow I won in an Eddie Ross giveaway on Blogger. It is sooo beautiful!
It's made from a vintage gown and has hand beading...It's only on the bed when the bed is fixed.
Now Papa Bear's side of the room. This is his chest of drawers. The flowers are there because I have no where else to put them and my Eddie Ross pillow is usually behind them so it works well.
Papa Bears night stand. See all his scratches and dings?
These are his ear phones and the big ones are actually wireless headphones. We used to have a TV in our room but I made him take it out. When I worked he would keep me up all night watching TV and laughing. We thought if he used the wireless headphones it would be ok. We were wrong! And those are his books, Russian mysteries and an old National Geographic.
This is the only window in out bedroom. It has white wooden blinds because that is what he chose. I want curtains...he says no. Soooo.... I've been looking and can't find the curtain that I want. So, Mom and I are going to make them. They will be very simple. I found the fabric. It's just a bit lighter than my bedsheets and it's sheer. I want black velvet ties at the top. I think it will look really good and blend easily into the room.
If you noticed the shot of my husbands chest of drawers you probably saw this hiding....
I love tulips and he was painting me a tulip picture but never finished. It's about 5 years in the works now...and it lives on the side of the chest!
Behind the chest is this picture. I bought it earlier this year at an art sale. I was going to go back the next day and fit a frame but they were for now it lives behind the chest. I have no idea where I will hang it once I get it framed, but I'm sure I'll find a place.

Here I am standing between my dresser and his chest taking the picture. I don't have the decorations centered...but it's ok. I'm just keeping it real. When I hang my curtains I will fix this.
The view standing by the bathroom door, dresser to my left, bedroom door to my right.
And that is it folks....nothing spectacular. But it's comfortable and relaxing. I love the color on the walls, it's called Wild Hawk. Papa Bear and I painted the room ourselves. I remember I had pneumonia but I wanted so badly to help out. There are spots where the paint is too light or smudged on the base boards or you can see the print of the roller. But I think those things make the room "ours." And I like that.
I intended to put my giveaway up but I am just too tired. I will have to do that as soon as I get up tomorrow!



What a pretty bedroom! I just love your furniture and your bedding! How cute are those paper flowers and I see you have a furbaby as well!

Have a great weekend

annoyed army wife

I love the decorations over your bed and your color scheme!

Jason and Mallie

Thanks for coming to look at my blog about my master bedroom. I like your furniture!


It is great to have a relaxing room that you enjoy and has fun things that make it yours. Your furniture is sooo nice. I think the curtains will really add to the room.


Loved the bedroom. And Mr. Toby looks so happy with his new pillow!

E + J

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