Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I've Been Cooking...

Since I am not working it seems a huge part of my day is spent in the kitchen. I love to cook, so I am happy spending so much time there!

This past weekend has been no exception. I haven't blogged much and when I sat down at the computer to download my pics I realized why.....

I have been non-stop cooking!!!

I have to start this photo post with a little shot of perfection....
And this beautiful sunset. I think I took this photo Saturday evening. It was just so pretty I couldn't pass it up!
So Friday evening I decided to make fajita nachos for us....
Top them with guacamole and sour creme...delicious!! I decided not to use beans this time.

I just realized I uploaded these pictures a little out of order...
This is Sunday's dinner. I never tried this brand before but I was suprised with how good it was!
The veggies were big...
And so were the shrimp....
And while they meal was cooking on the stove I found Lena and Toby napping on my bed!
The garlic shrimp looked good and smelled good!!
But most importantly, it tasted good!!!
Saturday night I made the Russian potatoe salad and meat piroshki. I didn't take any photographs of those but I did photograph the potatoe and mushroom piroshi I made Sunday morning.
My mashed potatoe with mushroom mixture.
The stuffed piroshki ready to go in the oven. The last ones always have the best shape!
Out of the oven and buttered...and oh, so delicious!
CC hates mushrooms but likes these piroshki. So she grabbed one and started eating it. Lena asked me what other things you can put inside and I was telling her. Then CC asked really sly, "And what about mushrooms? Do you put those inside too?" I had to turn my head so she wouldn't see me smiling. I was honestly hoping she wouldn't notice...but she did!

Last Saturday Lena and I had a fun girls day out. It went by faster than I would have liked but I plan to do it again...soon! She is such a fun, interesting little person and I love spending time with her. It seems like since I stopped working we have really bonded and gotten close and I love it! I love the little person that she is, funny, cute, annoying! But I love it all!!! And I am so thankful that I have had this time to spend with the girls.
I haven't found a job yet. I am applying and looking, but nothing has come my way. When the right job comes I will know it. I'm not going to rush into something just to have a job. I want to be somewhere I really will enjoy being and doing something I will enjoy doing.
We finally got the rain I had been wanting. Hermine gave us record setting amounts yesterday. It rained hard all day...and hard sporadically today. The grass loved roses seem to have loved it. I just wish for another couple of rainy days...but not as bad as yesterday. Several people were with out electricity, Mom included. She came and spent the evening with us. I made pelmini soup for us. It was my first time and man that was good too. I added sour creme in my soup. Sierra also made rice krispies for us. We both forgot the butter but they came out really good too. So good in fact that there is only one left!!



Food looks great! If you ship leftovers, let me know and I'll pay for postage! Ha.


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