Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spirit Halloween..Oh Yeah!!

Every year the girls and I set out to find the best Halloween Superstore, Spirit Halloween or Halloween Express. We've all ready been through three so far and they have all been a disappointment. We like the stores that have scenes set up to draw you in and scare you.
We found it Sunday at the Spirit Halloween nearest our house.
As soon as you walk in these greet you....

Lena and I joked with CC that these are her future children!

I don't remember what this store was previously. But apparently it has a very pretty fountain and it was decorated up really spooky!
These Siamese twins were placed in a corner. They are animated but we couldn't get them to do anything.
He scared us pretty good...
Eyes not glowing....
And glowing....
This was a back section of the store.

CC's rats look nothing like these two. I don't think I could have brought them home if they did!

And Lena wanted this mug so bad. I think we are going to have to make a trip back tomorrow!
This little guy changed colors. I thought he would be so fun to hang from a tree or balcony.

Lena was to scared to even come in this section. She stayed behind!When you walked past him, he thumped real loud, fell down and then his head would turn completely around and his eyes glowed red!
This girl's eyes would light up red and she would shake real hard. All she needed to do was have a wicked little laugh and I would have run out of there myself!

And against the back wall was this....
And true life nightmare.
And Freddy... He doesn't scare me the way Michael does. Oh, Michael Myers does something terrible to me. I don't know what it is. I know he's not real but my skin crawls every time I hear his theme music. Ugh!
This guy made me want to go rent Silver Bullet somewhere.

This ugly thing was just disturbing!
My pretties among all this scary stuff.
They also had normal decorations. Lol! I loved these faux candles!

More of the fountain on the way out.
So we enjoyed this store. For Lena visiting this store is the equivalent of going to a "haunted house." CC is so excited for us to visit the one house we go to every year since she was 9. I am just not really into it anymore. I can't tell her that. Last year I practically went just to please her. I don't know. I only get scared of Michael. But I've learned recently that as they grow we have to grow too. And if we want to stay central in their lives we have to change our likes and wants to suit their likes and wants. They want to go to a haunted house? We go to a haunted house. They want to go to the Petstore to play with a dog we will never be able to afford. I take them to play. All too soon even those things will no longer interest them and I will miss that. I miss reading books to them and dressing them up in dresses and big huge bows. I know that in order to keep doors open and a strong bond I have to take interest in what they like and I have to make myself REALLY enjoy it. I don't want them to feel that I am only half-heartedly approaching something that is important to them. Then they won't want to even do that with me and they will eventually stop asking me to do things with them altogether. I can't let that happen. So....I will be taking Lena tomorrow to look at another dog that is as much as a very nice car payment....and I will be taking CC to trade in the mean new rat she bought and smile as we pick out a new one together!



The pictures give me the it was worse in the "store". Though I bet you could find some great decorations for your home.

My kids are grown and have families of there own..things change but you will feel so proud when you see the adults they become. Savor each day & don't buy a puppy. The kids never take them when they


Oh, I love Halloween! I have my Halloween stuff out already, but have been so overwhelmed with studies and sickness that I have yet to take the time to enjoy it. Great post. I'm personally looking forward to the start of Halloween movies on AMC,


Incipient Wings

this was such a nice post...even with the disturbing Siamese babies.Haha
I did like that store...
it looks like you had fun with your girls and that's the most important.
I homeschooled my daughter for 5 years, from 4th grade through middle school, and it was the best time.
Thank you for your kind comment,and come visit again when you get a chance!
have a great night!!

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