Monday, September 6, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

It's Monday already?!?! This weekend went by so fast!! It seems like I blinked and it was gone.

Soooo..... let's get started with my miscellany monday post!

{1} I said over and over that I wish just once it would rain super hard before I have to go back to work. I wanted at least two days of hard non-stop rain. The kind that makes you want to stay inside and bake and cook all day.....Well..... Hermine is headed straight for us and we are looking at the next 2.5 days full of rain!! YAY!!! I love the sound of the rain hitting the fireplace chimney. I love the sound it makes on the windows. I love how it washes away the dirty and the ugly and offers a clean slate....and usually a pretty rainbow!

{2} When one door closes another truly opens. I believe faith opens that other door. And what lies behind that door is exactly what you make it!

[3} Cutting the grass is theraputic! There is something about getting down and dirty and sweaty. I actually LOVE cutting my grass!! I love that I can make it as short as I like it and make sure that the edges are cut down to perfection. When it comes to things like this I do feel I have some control issues!!

{4} I wish I could spend much more time with my mom. I love just sitting and talking with her. I love running around and doing errands with her. Now that I'm not working I no longer feel rushed during our visits and that feels good! But I would like to make an effort to spend more time with her during the week.

{5} We've rented redbox movies and plan to spend these next few rainy days baking, cooking and watching movies. I can't think of anything else I would rather be doing!!!

{6} When we went to the library I check out a book titled, "I Was Born a Slave." It's first hand accounts from slaves given once they reached freedom. It is so moving. I always read about slavery but NEVER thought of it from their point of view. These few passages touched my heart...broke my heart. It's unimaginable to believe these things actually happened...
These passages are told by freed slave Henry Bibb...

"A slave may be bought and sold in market like an ox. He is liable to be sold off to a distant land from his family. He is bound in chains hand and foot; and his sufferings are aggravated a hundred fold, by the terrible thought, that he is not allowed to struggle against misfortune, corporeal punishment, insults and outrages comitted upon himself and family; and he is not allowed to help himself, to resist or escape the blow, which he sees impending over him."

This passage is in reference to what he experienced when he and his wife had a daughter and they had to leaver her to crawl about while they worked all day in the field.

"She was left at the house to creep under the feet of an unmerciful old mistress, whom I have known to slap with her hand the face of little Frances, for crying after her mother, until her face was left black and blue. I recollect Malinda and myself came from the field one summer's day at noon, and poor little Frances came creeping to her mother smiling, but with large drops standing in her dear little eyes, sobbing and trying to tell her mother tht she had been abused, but was not able to utter a word. Her little face was bruised black with the whole print of Mrs. Gatewood's hand. This print was plainly to be seen for eight days after it was done....Who can imagine what could be the feelings of a father and mother, when looking upon their infant child whipped and tortured with impunity, and they placed in a situation where they could afford it no protection."

This book is such an eye-opener. I plan to spend these next few rainy days with my nose buried in the book, reading their first hand accounts...



I enjoyed your post, especially the rain. I love when it rains hard too, the sound is so soothing when you're at home.


Oh my gosh, being stuck in the house with rainy weather, movies, and baking sounds like just about the best thing ever!


Hi April, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog!
You are so lucky you all are getting rain........not the hurricane or tornados tho...we've had no rain since's dry in Ohio. You are entered into my giveaway. Sorry I didn't get back to you faster, but the Holiday made it a little hectic. Now that we know where we are in Blogland, let's not be strangers!

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