Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rednesday - Russian Tray

It's Rednesday hosted by Sue at It's A Very Cherry World!

First up I would like to show you the roses I cut from my rose garden. This is the first time I ever cut roses besides cutting for dead-heading and I felt soooo bad! But... I have immensely enjoyed having fresh roses in my kitchen! And they smell so good!!!

Next up I am showing you a Russian tray I bought on eBay many, many years ago. The sign depicts Ivan and the firebird.

The tray is all handpainted and the attention to detail is amazing!!

I love the red accents on the firebird!

This particular painting style is called Palekh.

This tray is one of my favorites. I do not have it hanging right now because I can't find a good spot for it. My kitchen in this house is not that big so ALOT of things are now in storage.

The house we lived in previously was around 3000 sq. ft. This house is right at 1500. We really downsized...but we moved to a much better neighborhood so it was worth it. When we first moved in our rent payment was actually $50 more than what we paid for the large house. Now that we bought the home the mortage payment is a little more than half of our rent payment. But the kitchen in the first house was honestly the size of my living room now....hence, the reason I have so many kitchen decorations and no where to put them. But it's ok. I love my little home. It is "us." And we've added wooden floors, wooden blinds, painted...we've put our touch on it. It's crazy to think we've lived here almost 6 years already!


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Your roses are amazing!! I know exactly what you mean about feeling guilty for cutting them!!
Enjoy them~
The Tattered Tassel


Love your choices for Rednesday. I live in a 360 sq ft Park Model Mobile home with my husband. Talk about small. We're closing in our deck this winter and that will give me a 200 sq ft family room/dining room. I am so excited. Think of me when you are moving furniture around...lol.....


The size of a house is not important. It is the people and their love that makes it all bigger. There is a difference in a house and a home. You can have a house, but is it a home?

Cherry Chick

That is an amazingly beautiful tray. I can't even imagine downsizing to half of what you had. It must have been tough but worth it. Thanks for sharing with us all on Rednesday.

Sally Annie Magundy

Your roses are gorgeous and your tray is so lovely - I've never seen one like it before, I love the detail.

Happy Rednesday,

Cindy Adkins

Oh--this is exquisite!!! Happy Rednesday! (And beautiful family you have!)

Cindy Adkins

p.s. I'm your newest follower!


That tray is like a piece of art! I like the vibrancy of the colors, and I hope you find a place for it, because you love it so much. It's nice to surround ourselves with the things we love!
Happy REDnesday!


What an amazing try, the artwork is exquisite! TFS, Nan

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